UNK Archives 6th Annual Diamond CHIX Pumpkin Smash!!

Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by bbelsole, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Thanks USSSA Pride... you are all set
  2. Please add Ohio Storm 06 to 10u (A) tournament. Payment and registration will be sent in.
  3. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    I have added you to the list.... although we have decided to make the tournament one weekend only. It will now be October 14-16th
  4. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    This years Diamond Chix Pumpkin Smash is now only one weekend this year. October 14-16th. I apologize but I was no longer able to do both weekends.
  5. BBD04

    BBD04 New Member

    Please add Beverly Bandits Demarini 04 to 12U.
  6. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Your all set. Thanks!!
  7. Brian Grace

    Brian Grace New Member

    Please add Valley Extreme Grace to the 12u list. Thx.
  8. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Thank you. Your added
  9. Erie

    Erie Member

    Please add Erie Frost 04 to 12U. Email was sent as well. Thank you in advance!
  10. Pack04

    Pack04 Member

    Please add Wolfpack 04 to the 12U A Division.
  11. Jae13

    Jae13 Member

    Please add Ohio Ice Red to the 14u list. Thanks
  12. Please add Streak Onyx to the 16/18u division. Thank you!
  13. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Have you guys down. Thanks
  14. PghPassion02

    PghPassion02 New Member

    Please add Passion Softball 14U-Marshall to your 14A division.
  15. grrenakers

    grrenakers New Member

    Please add Fury Fastpitch 06 to the Oct 14-16 thank you
  16. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Have you guys listed. Thanks
  17. homerin

    homerin Member

    Please add Wizards elite 03 to the 14U division.
  18. donjuers

    donjuers New Member

    Brent can you add Fahrenheit Black 99 to the 16 -18 group thanks
  19. chief00

    chief00 Member

    Can you add the Ohio Lightning to the 16/18U group, thanks.
  20. Softball05dad

    Softball05dad Member

    Due to schedule conflict, please remove valley force 05

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