UNK Archives 7th Annual Diamond CHIX Pumpkin SMASH!!

Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by bbelsole, May 26, 2017.

  1. Julie

    Julie Member

    Please add Lake Erie Rage 03 to 14u A. Will register online.
  2. Julie

    Julie Member

    Please add Lake Erie Rage 04 to 14u B/C. Will register online.
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  3. wolfpackmom

    wolfpackmom New Member

    Please add Wolfpack-Atkins to 14u B/C. Thank you!
  4. ohsapphires00

    ohsapphires00 Member

    Please add Ohio Sapphires 00 to 18u. Will register online.
  5. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Thank you. You have been added⚾️⚾️
  6. yocoach

    yocoach Super Moderator Staff Member

    Please add Streak 12U to the B/C tournament for the weekend of Oct 6-8. Thanks.
  7. Pattihardmanfury

    Pattihardmanfury New Member

    Please add Akron Racers '03. Will register online. Thanks!
  8. E07

    E07 New Member

    Please add Ohio Wolfpack Imler (16u) to the list.
  9. Jayd

    Jayd Member

    Please add Buckeye Charge Premier to 14u A please
  10. Please add Ohio Emeralds 04 to the 14U B/c List. Will Mail check.
  11. Fastball19

    Fastball19 New Member

    Please add Devils Fastpitch to the 16u. We will mail out the registration today.

    Thank you!
  12. Gary_s

    Gary_s New Member

    Please add Ohio Lady Lasers Orange.....check and entry will be sent out tomorrow a.m.
  13. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    There is a couple spots left to fill the tournament. All payments are due by September 11th!!

    Don't Miss out!!
  14. LL2002

    LL2002 New Member

    Please add Buckeye Charge 15u Carden to the 16u age bracket
  15. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Please everyone get your registrations and payment in this week. I'm trying to get schedules done next week. If I don't have a registration you be taken off the list.

  16. LL2002

    LL2002 New Member

    just put registration and check in the mail today sorry for my delay was waiting for check from our administration.
  17. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    team name please ?
  18. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Ohio Blast '03 will mail check. Sorry, was not aware of the deadline.

    WSHEELY Member

    Ohio Warrior's 03 just completed online..
  20. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Blast '03 sent check yesterday (Thursday).

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