A Blink of an eye...

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Hilliarddad3, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    watch.jpg This is why you should just enjoy the time and the game, especially at the early ages, as it’s gone in a blink. Gift from my Daughter before walking her down the Aisle last Friday....☺️
  2. Heavy Hitter

    Heavy Hitter Active Member

    That is awesome, congratulations Hilliarddad!
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  3. FastBat

    FastBat Well-Known Member

    So sweet!
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  4. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    That's as they say ............. PRICELESS
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  5. coachjwb

    coachjwb Well-Known Member

    Oh gosh .... that one hit home with me, Hilliard ... I walk down the aisle with mine in just 7 weeks ... that's such a great line ... congrats!
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  6. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    Shortest hundred feet you'll ever walk..........enjoy and congratulations!
  7. RedStormDad

    RedStormDad New Member

    That's awesome! Congrats!!
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  8. Pride Coach

    Pride Coach Member

    That's good stuff right there
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  9. Fairman

    Fairman Member

    My dd was married last summer and had the father/daughter dance tune to 'Put me in Coach'

    I had held it together till then.
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