Adjustments in the swing. The Trinity

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  1. BouldersDad

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    Just like the law of gravity there are some laws that can never be broken. In hitting there are 3 absolutes These 3 adjustments are the glue that holds together tracking and timing.
    1) we always think in and adjust away.
    2) we always think fast and adjust slow.
    3) we always think high and adjust low.

    For your consideration agree or disagree.
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  2. SMc4SMc

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    Intriguing points on the adjustments fundamental to hitting.

    Solid and sound.

    I'm interested in reading more particularly about the application of the adjustments to movement pitches for slappers, and if you think the adjustments change much when facing a left hand pitcher.
    The points you made are worthy of further discussion and I'd enjoy a few scenarios or video clips that highlight your points (Indians hitters, maybe win 19 or softball).

    Thanks in advance.
  3. sbfamily

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    What Boulder dad stated works fine for slappers. DD wax a very good slapper and was trained on this method, since we taught hitting together. She earned a college scholarship as a slapper.
  4. straightleg

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    Can you think of all three of these at the plate?

  5. BouldersDad

    BouldersDad Member

    Its like anything else train like you play.
  6. CARDS

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    My DD used these laws, the key to applying them was a good hitting IQ and quality practice. Gaining an understanding of the pitchers and team’s tendencies, Being able to listen to advice then apply that advice, Know the game situations and what the team needs then, being able to deliver the ball contact to the location that helps the team.
    The hitter must understand and practice the various contact zones to deliver regardless where the pitch is located. Straight Leg has some good videos out there and he is one of the few instructors that has his DD demonstrate the various drills. Boulders Dad DDs success speaks for itself.
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  7. manitoudan

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    Strightlegs video's contain more instruction and are more valuable than stuff people pay 100's or 1000's of dollars for .
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