Advice for Participating in a Showcase Event?

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by BruisedShins, Oct 26, 2020.

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    If I sign my 18U team up for a showcase event in which there is no bracket play, championship, or "winner" of any kind, should I:
    • Just bat 9 even though I carry 14 girls, and the other team is batting its entire roster of 13?
    • Should I argue and appeal every call on the basepaths, calling time and walking out on the field repeatedly?
    • If there are no college coaches there to see any of my players, but there are a few watching the other team's players, should I intentionally walk multiple players on the other team?
    • Even though scores don't matter and no rational person would care or even inquire about a score, should I still do everything I can to stall the last 10-12 minutes of a drop dead game, and even though the game would not be close if anyone were paying attention to the score, including issuing multiple 4-pitch intentional walks? (and should I pretend I didn't really want my pitcher to throw balls and yell at her to get it under control, while the P/C laugh the whole time because they're in on it?)?
    • Should I engage in such over the top antics that the college coaches in attendance eventually just get so frustrated by the lack of play and leave?
    • Or should I have just stayed home on Sunday and watched football?
    Asking for a friend.
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    I'll be the first...

    Name some Names!!!
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    sounds more like a 10u game with all parent coaches.
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    where's the Sam Kinison face when you need it?
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    Oh my!!!!! If this actually happened it sounds like the uninformed and uneducated coach was the one trying to make an impression on representatives from any colleges there. My guess is they did and here's a quick note, you didn't get the job. You'll more than likely never get a coaching job in fastpitch softball if you act like that. lol.

    Poor baby just didn't get the memo I guess!!!! That's funny stuff.........
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    ZomboMeme 27102020123009.jpg TA-DA[​IMG]
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