League Play Any spring/summer leagues close to Dayton Ohio area

Discussion in 'Indoor, Fall Ball and League Play' started by Smitvols38, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    Looking for a spring/ summer league for 14 u in the Dayton Area


    they have a few of them one at kettering fields and also a league in fairborn pm if you want more info i can get you what you need
  3. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    The lady running Fairborn said she was full so I need to know how to get in the one at Kettering fields. Thank you
  4. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    Still looking for a 14U Spring/Summer league in the Dayton Ohio area if none available looking for teams to set up some friendlies once school ball is over.
  5. Josh Leach

    Josh Leach New Member

    9375039519 James is doing Kettering fields, summer double headers.

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