Are all teams and coaches like this?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by grandpa, Aug 9, 2015.

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    "Fortunately, I have heard many times from families who aren't thrilled with their current team, but still fulfill their commitment, which in travel ball is typically one year. Those families have kids who will learn ethics, integrity and sacrifice. These traits will enrich the lives of these kids and those who they later influence, far more than whatever playing for a better softball team for one year will ever do. Even if jumping teams leads to a better college scholarship, that tangible benefit pales in comparison to the inculcation of those character traits."[/QUOTE]

    Great post! Ethics, a small word that carries such a large message. Being a coach of a travel ball team should not carry the same similarities of a dirty used car salesman. If you read the post by grandpa and feel you may resemble the description used, change your ways now and begin a new lease on life. We are mentors teaching life lessons that will get used and passed along thru generations. take this seriously people!
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    Lol, that's actually poor communication on my part! I sometimes do this with my players on purpose because I know it will have them Googling the meaning of a word, which won't hurt them.
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    ... and you are a lawyer ... ;)
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    One of the other things that is often left out or forgotten is the impact that this lack of loyalty and defection by coaches and players has on the TEAM...especially in the older age groups when recovery time is minimal. I impress upon all of my parents the FACT that each player on the team contributes to or takes away from the college opportunity of every other player on the team may get. If I spend years developing players and then a couple of selfish families that have gained so much from it up and leave the team for perceived greener pastures then they have in fact hurt every other player on the team that has spent years helping these selfish disloyal ones to become what they now are. The opportunity of the very players she has abandoned are now put into peril because it can weaken a once strong team heading in a great direction and turn them into a team suddenly fighting to survive at the elite level. Many teams fold or become less relevant because of it and then every one of those players who have been helping each other to achieve "STATUS" has now been negatively impacted by the selfish ones that do not value the important things in life.
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    So, that's quite a turn around, honest1.

    In just a few short days you've completely changed your mind and decided that it is, in fact, the coaches who make the players great. I thought they had little or nothing to do with it???

    What happened? Why the change of heart?
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    well said Irish196!!
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    That is not a change of heart at all...maybe the change is only in your perception? You seem to wish to only spar with people...I do not...just being HONEST!!! I have ALWAYS said that it is my experience that it takes a combination of things for a player to reach their goals which INCLUDES committed parents, hungry players and good COACHES that develop these players in that mix. Being LOYAL to each other is a hugely important part of that equation...that is where the building of the most important ingredient of all resides....TRUST! TRUST! TRUST! If a parent is going to allow their daughter to play for a coach then they better TRUST her coach. If a coach is going to allow your daughter to play for them then they better TRUST her parent. If a player is to have any chance to learn and develop she will need to TRUST the coach...softballs circle of "TRUST"...takes all three! You can TRUST that I have been coaching this sport long enough to speak from personal experience when I post...I NEVER just shoot from the hip with a blind fold on. My hope is to help players, coaches and parents to avoid certain pit falls through any advice I may give. I learned what I know over many years and from people that I think are the best at what they do...still learning every day! We ALL make mistakes but if we are willing to listen to and learn from those that have traveled the road then we are less likely to repeat the same mistakes. The parents, players and coaches who are unwilling to do that will struggle with growth.
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    I can see allowing 24 hours to decide but in order to avoid hard feelings coaches should never say I will hold a spot for you just let me know.

    Now some teams are always looking for a ton of players and 5 to 7 is what I consider a lot. So yes, this type of team may very well be able to have a spot available after a weekend or one /two weeks of tryouts but I believe most of your more established teams generally are looking for 2-4 players and when one comes along that fits their needs and an offer is extended 24hrs is more than enough time for a decision if family did their homework.

    IMO, If you are attending anyones tryouts they should be for a team you have an honest interest to be part of. If a family wants to roll the dice and hope a spot will be available in a week or two that is on them. (I do think the coach should have called you once he filled the spot)
    I agree with many posters that your grand DD will have additional opportunities as the tryout season rolls on and how the team fell apart stinks but again travel ball is a year to year commitment for a variety of reasons.
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    Had the same experience with the dis-branded team, so DD tried out for a bunch of other teams last week. The coach from one team, possibly the same team you are referencing, led us to believe DD had a spot and we should expect to hear back from him. After a few days of hearing nothing, we contacted the coach, only to be told they were not DD making an offer after all. Fortunately, our plan all along had been to try out with every club in the area. DD ended up with multiple offers from good teams and is now committed to a great organization.
    I had heard negative things about that particular organization, but had recently been told that it was changing for the better. I guess not, as I heard complaints similar to yours from several other parents.

    Kudos to OFC Heat, Doom, Cincy Slammers and Freedom Elite for providing a professional and courteous tryout experience.
  10. RunnerGunner

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    Perhaps not, but don't lead girls into believing you are holding them a spot when you are not.
  11. okiedad1961

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    Welcome to the TSZ ,as you know when you comment on hear you open yourself up for some critique, since your new I'll be nice.First of all as you have read,nothings set in stone at these tryouts,if they say they will hold a spot for you ,take it as a compliment and head to the next tryout.When your dd becomes well known for her abilities things will change and you can choose.Right now your just bitter and by naming the orgs that flat out weren't interested or you took an spot on as kind professional,courteous shows your new to this site and the tryout world.Best of luck w your season
  12. RunnerGunner

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    As far as I'm concerned, common courtesy is set in stone and should transcend all aspects of life, particularly, as in this case, when it directly sets an example for our children.
    I'm not bitter. DD ended up with a great organization. True, I'm new to the site, but not new to the tryout world, though the churlish behavior of some of the orgs is something that we hadn't experienced previously. If offering kudos to orgs who set a good example is verboten, please let me know.
  13. okiedad1961

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    Gunner,There all great when your on the team,when they can't or won't hold a spot for her there not?I'm just saying get used to it,don't bash other orgs for things that your new org may be doing on there other teams.Just enjoy the ride .Learn your new orgs pro's and con's and make the best of it.
  14. RunnerGunner

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    They are all great when they conduct themselves in a respectable fashion. DD was not offered spots on all those I listed. Whether you will or will not hold a spot is not the point - it's whether you honor your agreement to hold the spot that matters.
  15. okiedad1961

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    Question would you have played for this org if they did honor there agreement?
  16. RunnerGunner

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    Quite likely, but in light of things that have transpired since then, I'm glad we ended up where we did.
  17. okiedad1961

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    So you handled respectfully by posting negatively about the dis branded team you would of played for.Sounds a little __tt__ to me buts that's just my opinion.
  18. RunnerGunner

    RunnerGunner New Member

    Can you quote the part where I posted negatively about the dis-branded team? Also, what part of my comment led you to believe we considered playing for the dis-branded team?
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    Here's how I'm reading this.

    Runner's DD tried out for several orgs. One said they would hold a spot but did't and she went elsewhere. Had the original Org honored what they said about holding a spot they would possibly be there but since they didn't it left a bad taste in Runers mouth for this org.... Is that about right?
  20. snoman76

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    Telling a kid you will hold a spot and take it away is the same as offering a girl then 2 days later you find someone better and you tell one kid you're sorry you are letting her go. No difference.

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