Are all teams and coaches like this?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by grandpa, Aug 9, 2015.

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    No worries and no hard feelings. I think it may have been difficult to follow exactly what happened without having been there as a parent, rather than a coach.
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    What do you mean by "led us to believe DD had a spot"? I'm sorry, but if you interpreted "led us to believe DD had a spot" to mean "DD was offered a spot but the coach just didn't come out and say it in so many words" then that was your mistake. If you weren't clear what the coach's intentions were then you should have asked for clarification before you left the tryout. The writing was on the wall when you pulled out of the parking lot, you just failed to read it.
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    Well, now I see why I was not able to respond to your quote, honest1.......You have already deleted it.......

    But for those that seen it - I will respond to some of your claims & some are not worth it.
    First off, we did list some of our newest reasons why we chose to change our organizational name. But here are the main reasons it has been in discussion for a couple of years - Team Fundraising & Public opinion - we started with 2 teams in 2010 that came out of MYO Rec leagues. Even then, we had players from surrounding areas. When a Player/Parent would go to a business regarding hosting a fundraiser, giving towards a raffle, etc. If they were outside the Mason area, people would flat out say - They support their local teams. didn't matter that there may be more girls from the Lakota area on the team than Mason. We have quite a few Lebanon girls now - best 2 softball communities in this half of the state. Just another small reason for the decision. So there are many, many reasons that added up to being the time to make this change.

    We are very proud of the fact that we have built our teams up from 8U-9U up, when many, many organizations do not have this quality system in place! We have had several organizations work hard to combine with us, because of this success! We have always felt that we Only have 1 team per birth year, unless the teams are strong enough to support a 2nd.....we have only attempted 2 teams in same birth year twice.

    We have a lot to offer! With our system, fields, indoor facility, direction & such. That is why there have been several who have tried to either be a part of it, or make us a part of them. This is the first year we have EVER added a team from outside our organization!!! The coaching staff approached us & they were looking for what was best for their DD's. They were leaving their previous org. no matter what - So it was good for Thunder & good for these young ladies! 2 years ago, a team who had lost most of their players combined with one of our existing teams who were low on numbers that year. It was what was best once again for all of those involved at the time.

    I am very, very proud of Mason/Ohio Thunder & what Randy Lewis & myself started just 5 years ago! And yes, I will pat myself on the back, cause I think we have put a very high quality product into SW Ohio softball! Everyone hits rough patches, no matter what the group - But we are very proud of Ohio Thunder!!!

    My email, phone number, name is all over this site. If anyone would like to know anything about our organization, please PM, email, call/text me 513-623-9187 to discuss.
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    Thanks for the explanation Russ...I deleted the post because I don't like the direction that I see this thread going with RunnerGunner...that's not why I read the content or post on here. My intent is to try to help people to navigate through whatever I feel like I can add value to through my experiences. It just seems like there could be a lot more compassion for their situation. I actually wasn't even aware that it was a Mason Thunder team involved. I will say that I have quite a bit of information regarding it all. Were you originally posting tryouts for three teams in the 16U division? Did you end up combing it into two teams which left some players out? I am aware of the team that came there in that division and WHY their coach was told that it may be time for her to find a new organization but I will not travel that has come from several very close sources to the situation and we will leave it at that...good luck!

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    The OP & RG teams are the same. I thought it was obvious to anyone from this area what 01 team it was, especially anyone who seems to be in the loop, as you seem to be. It was not a Thunder team! Our 01 team remains almost completely in tact from this past year. Believe they have only added a couple.
    We had a coach who has done a tremendous job the last couple of years step down, we thought we had a quality Coach as his replacement, but personal issues forced her to resign. We will NOT have teams to just have teams - so without proper coaching in place, we decided to go with only one team. We let returning players know ASAP. There were some very good girls on that team! Couple I would liked to have had on my older team. But we did what we felt best for the girls & the organization. Trying to give all plenty of time to land on quality teams. I have actually made a couple of calls to coaches about them! While all might never agree, we at OT try to do what is best for all the girls!!!
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    I am well aware of the '01 team what it is and I feel for all involved. I just thought you posted as a reference to one of your teams. I think i know the '00 coach you refer to...Rodney? He is a great guy. I wish him nothing but the best of luck wherever he and his daughter lands.
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    Something along the lines of "DD has the skills that we are looking for, and seems like she will be a great fit on our team. I'll be contacting you with an offer in the next few days.' It was very similar to what other coaches have said before actually following through with offers. And it has been the only case in DD's career where a coach left misleading 'handwriting on the wall'. Fortunately, it didn't bit us the way it bit OP.
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    I wander why RunnerGunner gave me a thumbs down for this :(
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    If you went to an ump, or your coach and pointed out potentially game-changing misconduct by an opposing team, and their only repose was "All things happen for a reason. Your team must not have been meant to win this one," what would your response be?

    (Apparently the thumbs are serious business around here.)
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    It has been my experience that if the player is talented and a perfect fit for the organization she is trying out for, then she will very rarely not be offered a position on the spot. As to the "time frame" most coaches take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to make their decisions and I feel that is a fair time frame for all involved.

    Also keep in mind that as a parent you can always request a private tryout with the organization that is your top choice if that organizations tryout is later than another organization you are also interested in, just place the call.

    As for a coach reneging on a previously extended offer to join the organization, that coach and his behavior will eventually become known and his tryouts will become as empty as his head.
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    I mean no offense by this Grandpa, but I think the lesson has nothing to do with what's fair for the players or coaches. The lesson is don't be vague when you make agreements. "End of week" is one of those terms that means different things to different people. You may walk away hearing "11:59 pm on Sunday it is" and coach may hear "Friday at 5pm". Not saying it's just your responsibility, just saying things like this can be avoided by getting specific about expectations. It's kinda like defensive driving: you think you shouldn't have to look out for you AND others, but it helps both parties.

    Your post obviously touched on something that's affected a lot of people on both sides of the equation, players/parents and coaches.

    I hope it all works out for your GDD.

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