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  1. FastPitch86

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    Do you have addresses for these field locations?
  2. The Summer Sizzler has a 14u opening!! Looking to fill by the end of the day.

    Please contact me at: or call 330-376-8188 ASAP!!

    Field Addresses:

    1575 Firestone Parkway
    Akron, 44301

    99 Vaughn Rd.
    Akron, Ohio 44319
  3. Starkcvso

    Starkcvso New Member

    Can you please let me know if you have a team that needs a girl. My daughter is 12 with a Oct. Birthday. She is looking for a team to play with in the fall.

    Thank you
  4. The Akron Racers Foundation is hosting the Together Against Breast Cancer College Tournament September 20th.

    All proceeds will benefit the Akron Racers Charities fight against breast cancer.


    $5 Adult, $3 Students/Seniors and $1 children

    8:00am: Kenyon College vs Walsh University
    10:00am: Walsh University vs Penn State Beaver
    12:00pm: Kenyon College vs Notre Dame College
    2:00pm: Penn State Beaver vs Lakeland College
    4:00pm: Notre Dame College vs Lakeland College
    6:00pm: University of Akron vs Kent State University

    Firestone Stadium
    1575 Firestone Parkway
    Akron, Ohio 44301
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    Support the Racers and be on TV with your team on
    July 14th & 15th as well as August 4th & 5th!

    For just $16 you could be on hand, in the stands, for all four games. Everyone that
    buys this Special 4for4 Package will join the Racers on the field for a group photo
    after the July 14th game. To purchase these tickets, call the Stadium Box Office at 330-376-8188 today!

    July 14, 15 & August 5 are at 7pm. August 4th is a 8:30pm.

    Enjoy prime time coverage of all NPF games
    every Monday and Tuesday beginning at 7pm July 7th for seven consecutive weeks this summer!!!
  6. DW@SBC

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    I have two daughters (twins) that have April 01 birthdays that would like to play in this league.

    2B and 1B are best positions but are currently playing SS and 3B. One can pitch if needed and one can catch as well.
  7. DW@SBC and Starkcvso,

    We do not put teams together, but I will keep my ears open for teams looking for players for this league. Thank you for your interest! I hope to see you here!
  8. Mdfio

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    Please add Storm 02 to the 12u division, thanks
  9. flarays

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    This might be a cyclical question, but is anyone else offended by the only pro fastpitch league in the country playing on grass infields? I turned on the Bandits game today and they are playing on grass and there aren't even cutouts at the bases or at the pitching circle.
  10. fpitchdad

    fpitchdad New Member

    Im not offended, but I would like to see it played on a normal field. Heck, I'm just happy its on TV.
  11. softballdad01

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    What channel does that come on.
  12. fpitchdad

    fpitchdad New Member

    CBS Sports Network
  13. mike_dyer

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    They were probably playing in PA.

    The PA team is owned by some people who own a minor league baseball team which is probably a pretty good idea. When the baseball team is away you can have home games, bring in some money from a stadium that would normally be sitting empty, and I get to watch a pro fastpitch game.

    I think the field is turf, too. Probably not much chance of changing it up unless it really takes off there.
  14. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    I'm really surprised that more minor league baseball teams aren't doing this. I don't care if its grass, turf I just want to see more pro-girls Fastpitch teams playing.

    I think this would be one of the best ways of market the game to the general public.

    I really do believe that if you can the minor league fans to support the game it would surpass minor league ball in fan support from the general public.
  15. coachjwb

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    What if some of the MLB teams with NPF teams close by had an NPF game immediately after some of their weekend afternoon games ... in effect, a doubleheader? They couldn't do it beforehand because the baseball team needs to have BP and get the field ready, but right after their games they could put in some temp bases and a pitching rubber, and maybe even a temp fence. They could hand out programs to everyone who stuck around, put the player's pics and stats on the scoreboard, etc. The admission would be free but my guess is they'd bring in some extra fans and could keep open concessions. If you took your daughter or granddaughter to the MLB game, you'd want to stick around for the women's game, right?
  16. rico23

    rico23 New Member

    The field at Consol Energy Park is Washington is def turf. What they do for the Rebellion is take the baseball mound out and put the softball mound in. Considering some of the fields I have seen them play on this is def not one of the worst by any means.
  17. I am just happy it was on tv. Hopefully more appropriate fields in the future.
  18. Teams 7/31/14

    1. Diamond Chix

    1. Field Falcons
    2. Storm 02

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