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    Any organizations or teams using this to live stream games for college coaches to watch? If so any feedback on how it works and pros/cons would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Rerun

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    From everything I’m hearing the problems are very limited. But since I’ve never used it I can only go on what I’ve read.
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  3. AnotherSoftballDad

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    We used it all summer.

    Pros: the concept is great, college coaches really do use it (especially with the no contact being extended time and time again), has a lot of features to help to recruit, having a live feed (or recorded) with the score, batter number and/or name, pitcher number and/or name. The coaches know exactly who is pitching or who is hitting.

    Cons: not user friendly in the beginning, the scoring is more difficult than GameChanger, we bought their camera and it had a recall on it and did not get to use it this summer. But our biggest issue was connecting to their server. It has gotten better over the summer but their server was overwhelmed (especially on the weekend during peak times for games). You literally couldn't connect to their server during live scoring. All season we had to have someone do GameChanger because we knew at some point we weren't going to be able to connect to the server during every game. It was VERY frustrating as you would fall behind scoring the game waiting 10 or 15 minutes to finally connect to their server again. They have sent out numerous emails apologizing because the server was getting overwhelmed. As I said it has gotten better, but they still aren't there yet.

    We are sticking with them in hopes they get it figured out as like I really is a great concept. I totally understand they didn't account for it being so successful that early, so we will stick with them for the fall.
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  4. Passion4theGame

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    it is a great tool for recruiting. We used it all summer and never had an issue. We use game changer but for AthletesGoLive we used it as a recruiting tool not for keeping score. Our recruiting coordinator send valuable reports every Monday let’s me know what coaches logged in to watch, who they logged in to watch, how long they watched, what game they watched, how many games they watch, and if they recorded games. If you use it correctly it’s very valuable tool. If u are using it to keep score not so much. If u are using it for friends and family not so much. They have to purchase a membership. It’s absolutely free to coaches. You have to use their cameras. Our recruiting coordinator is a wizard with it. We have literally no issues other than scoring and that doesn’t matter to us. Just let the schools know who’s up to bat, who’s playing where, and who’s pitching that’s what matters.
    If you want to speak with our coordinator about it more PM me and I can get u in contact w him. He’s also an advisor for them so that helps a bit I’m sure.
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