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    We had success last year hosting "odd year" play-offs separate on Sunday. As examples 9U teams, as long as they had enough would have a separate championship round on Sunday, but play 10U teams on Saturday. This was most prevalent in thee 11U age group, but seems very logical that this would be very good for 9U players and may increase participation of 9U teams.

    The tournaments I run are committed to this system. Naturally, an "odd year" can decline and play with the older team is they choose, but I do not recall anyone doing this.

    We are looking for people who are willing to work with 9U, 11U, 13U and 15U teams that may share a similar desire. Through FASA, almost all our events, including the ones I run will use this format, The FASA events can be found at

    9U COACHES PLEASE CONTACT YARONE ZOBER at Several teams have already expressed an interest and other have signed up.

    Looking for people who may want to identify 11u, 13U and 15U teams interested in working together to get more play-offs for these age groups.

    In FASA we allow each odd you team one "even year" player, but she cannot pitch under any circumstances. We found, as the season go on, there may be a need for a fill in and there is often not an abundance of extra players at odd years.

    AGAIN IF YOUR INTERESTED IN 9U, please contact YARONE, Other age groups, please feel free to contact me at

    Thanks and best wishes for the Holidays!
  2. We are interested in 11u's
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    We do have some openings left in some events. Please go to www. to see our events in Ohio. You can also contact me at
    Thanks Bob H

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