Bell City Ringers 14u located in Hillsboro, Ohio needs 2

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    Looking to complete roster for next year. Need 2 to round out roster. Currently have 9 commits. We have 3 catchers and 2 pitchers. Looking for a 3rd pitcher to share mound time. Also need MI or Outfielder with good bats to fill roster and get moving. Have our own cage and access to fields with no scheduling conflicts.

    Text Coach Bill Myers @ 937.402.1339 with any questions

    Low stress and fun competitive group of girls.
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    Still looking for a standout pitcher and solid middle infielder. Definitely looking for an athlete with a great attitude and a desire to work hard.
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    We are having practice Sunday at 2:15. Call or text if you have a fun loving, talented 04 or 05 middle infielder or pitcher looking to join a solid group of young ladies. Everyone in the world is looking for a pitcher just like we are. Why invest so much money into these teams just to be offered the possibility of a little mound time, but instead spend the summer dreading your decision? Give us a shot and meet our girls and our coaching staff. It just might be the best summer your daughter will have as a player. We have 10 committed kids and we are looking to finish out with 1 or 2 great kids and families.

    Check us out on Facebook under Bell City Ringers 14u. Message, text, call or email me. Would love to hear from you.
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    Bucks daughter subbed for me this summer a couple times and can tell you that anyone in their area looking for a solid coach and team should check this team out. Think you will like what you see.
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    Roster of hardworking, fun girls who put in the work. Roster is at 10. Check out our Facebook page. Bell City Ringers 14u.

    Needs: Pitcher and possibly MI or strong bat!
    Room for 1-2 more. Contact me today. Our fall tournament schedule is in place and quickly approaching!
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    Take the opportunity to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Seize the opportunity.
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    The search for a pitcher continues....Is your kid looking for great instruction, friendly atmosphere, and hard working dedicated teammates? I know a team!

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