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  1. 24GahannaLadyLions7

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    Well -- I would say this would answer a lot questions going on right now.... I really hope we get more clarification and specifics next update.. I'm sick to my stomach

    ""Good afternoon,

    Over the past week or so, there has been a lot of confusion on the order issued by the Ohio Health Department and Governor DeWine on August 19th concerning sports. Yesterday, we were finally able to get some clarification in that these new rules do not just apply to contact sports, but also non-contact sports. I will be sending out a new contract to everyone a little later today. I need to have this signed and returned by 4pm tomorrow for any future permits/dates to take place.

    Here are the important changes:

    - Face masks are now required outdoors because of being a sports venue. This means all parents/spectators must wear a mask at all times. Coaches, players and umpires do not need to wear a mask while on the field. Everyone must have masks on at other times (Ex. Walking to field from car, using restroom, etc.)

    - To limit exposure of players, no team shall play against more than a single opponent team in any twenty-four hour period. A team may play a doubleheader with the opponent on the same day. This has resulted in us having to cancel tournaments until further notice as well.

    - A compliance officer (parent/volunteer) must be onsite for each game/practice that is conducted at our facilities to ensure social distancing and that facial coverings are being worn. The permit holder will be responsible for providing a compliance officer (may not be head coach or permit holder). This info will be submitted in the document I will be sending over shortly.

    These items must be followed as this is a statewide order. I will say it was up for debate on completely shutting down the park because of this, but are willing to give it a chance. These items must be followed in order for us to remain open. CRPD Staff/Representatives will conduct random checks of teams during permits. In the event permit holder is not in accordance with these rules, the following actions may be taken:
    • Immediate cancellation of current permit and removal from field with no refund issued.
    • Cancellation of all future permits with Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and no refunds issued.
    • Cancellation of future permits held by the entire organization with no refunds issued.
    Additionally, in an effort to ensure compliance with the new regulations, no new field permits will be issued until after Labor Day (Sept 7th).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly by phone or email. Thank you.

    City Of Columbus Parks and Rec ""
  2. IRdad09

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    Nothing left to say at this point.:(:mad:
  3. jayflyer98

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    I guess I will be buying a 6 pack of IPA on the way home from work...
  4. First2Third

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    Great idea!
  5. OHsoftball

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    Absolutely ridiculous!
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  6. jt7663

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    Beyond RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEN CAMBAL New Member

    What an absolute shame...
    Taking away athletics from these kids is sickening...
    Thinking a 12 pack of IPA's... 6 pack isn't enough for this news
  8. Xrayaries

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    They did change it to calendar day but that does not make it any better.
  9. #4mom

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    In the order it never states that the new orders supersede the May orders just the June 4th orders. Wasn’t our orders in May?
  10. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    Actually it says it supersedes all previous orders.
  11. DanMaz

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    NEWS FLASH!!!!!

    November 4th everything will be open and covid will no longer be a "thing".

    plan accordingly friends! :)
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  12. With the way things have gone the last 6 months, I bet we will hear from NCAA any day that the dead period for division 1 is lifted. So D1 can come watch our girls! Oh they cant because our girls cant play.

    It's a circus people.
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  13. #4mom

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    This is dated today if you go read the whole order seems we’re ok

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  14. First2Third

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    OK for double/triple headers you mean?
  15. mroby5172

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    Makes zero sense....I am all for softball tournaments happening as my daughter plays and I umpire, but according to this my son can't play golf tournaments now. I would think softball would be a greater risk as there is definitely more person to person contact than in golf.
  16. bill

    bill New Member

    No it is saying a golf match with multiple teams is a contest. And a single contest with multiple golf teams is allowed at 1 per day. It is also stating a tournament or round robin is not a contest so therefore you can’t call that 1 contest for the day.
  17. IRdad09

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    None of it makes sense. I'm glad for softball, but feel for the other sports.
  18. bill

    bill New Member

    This order is not allowing a softball tournament. It is saying that you can only play 1 team per day.
  19. FC2019

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    so the best of the midwest is playing now they got approval
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  20. First2Third

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    First rule of Best of the Midwest: Don't talk about Best of the Midwest!

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