10 Under Tryouts Beverly Bandits DeMarini 2010 Birthdates 2020-2021

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    I am excited to announce that we will be providing an elite 10U (2010) Fastpitch team in the Columbus Metropolitan area for the 2020-2021 travel softball season. Beverly Bandits DeMarini 10 will be looking to add elite, hard-working players from the state of Ohio and surrounding states to field a very competitive team this FALL. This team will play the best 10U teams Ohio has to offer from week to week and some of our other tournaments will be against PGF National teams and organizations outside of state.

    I am the current HC of the 2009 Birthyear Beverly Bandits DeMarini based out of Columbus, Ohio and basically working as a GM and liaison for this 2010 team. With the help of a head coach, we WILL absolutely put a formidable team together for the 2020-2021 season. I will be helping with scheduling, some of the practices, administrative work and the forming of this team, but tending and head coaching my current 09 team. Coaches will be responsible for the managing of games, and other administrative work. I am currently working on finding a great coaches for this team and looking forward to working with them with co-op practices etc.....

    -Weekly Instructional SCRIPTED Practices in Fall & Spring
    -Optional Winter Hitting League For an Additional Cost
    -Outdoor Practices are located at Berliner/Surrounding area
    -Winter Indoor Practices are located in Reynoldsburg Area
    -Will be playing against best organizations

    We are in search for non-parent and parent coaches for this team.

    Cell: 614.483.2424
    Email: beverlybanditsdemarini10@gmail.com

    I will be out scouting players and will continue through these next few months. I will be conducting private workouts with elite players with a hard work ethic and a dedicated and supportive families. If you are interested in joining this elite team, please fill out the form underneath and you will be contacted soon. Discreet inquiry's also available

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