Blocking the ball

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    CATCHER: Blocking

    Teaches catchers how to keep the balls in the dirt in front of them.

    Equipment: Catchers gear, tennis balls or safety balls. Catchers should have long sleeve shirts on to protect their arms.

    The catcher assumes her stance.
    The coach or feeder throws the ball so that it bounces directly in front of the catcher. The catcher must react to the throw by falling to both knees. Her shoulders must remain square and her head should remain down. Her glove should fill the gap between her legs with her throwing hand behind her glove.

    Each catcher should block several balls.
    The feeder can then throw balls to either side in the dirt. On balls to the side the catcher must push off with the opposite side leg and try to get her upper body turned back towards home plate. This will keep the blocked ball around homeplate. Repeat as many times as you think the catcher needs.

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