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  1. musb10

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    I will be hosting tryouts at Teays Valley High School Varsity Softball field of Monday, August 5th from 6-8pm with girls wanting to pitch and catch staying till 9pm. I will also be hosting tryouts at Central Crossing High School JV Softball field Saturday, August 10th from 11-1pm pitchers and catchers staying till 2pm and Sunday, August 11th 1-3pm pitchers and catchers until 4pm.

    If you know any young softball player with a 2009 or 2010 birthday who wants to learn the game of softball and meet girls from all over, come be apart of Buckeye Heat X!!

    My contact info is Kristin.gill.10@gmail.com feel free to contact me with any questions. I also have an OFC page labeled musb10 Buckeye Heat ‘10(X) that can be used for contact as well! Look forward to meeting new softball loving girls! Go BHX! ❤️
  2. ngill

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    Can't wait to watch the next generation start through the process. Please note this is a non-parent coach.

    I'll be there for whatever you need Kristin.

    Nick Gill (dad)
    Buckeye Heat 01
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  3. BA824

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    Good luck Kristin! Highly recommend this young lady as a coach
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  4. musb10

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    Thanks Brian!
  5. Rounding 3rd

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    Can’t wait to bring my little player to the tryout. Have known Kristin and her family for a long time and am excited she is starting a young BH team! I’m an 8 year Buckeye Heat mom and just might be around for another 8!
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  6. musb10

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    Thank you for that post! I’m excited to see you both at tryouts!
  7. ngill

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    A reminder of the tryouts tonight at 6:00 for Buckeye Heat X (10u) at Teays Valley High School Softball field. Address is 3887 State Route 752, Ashville, OH 43103. Softball field is behind bus parking area. Access it by walking between bus parking area and the football field.
  8. musb10

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    Reminder Buckeye Heat X tryouts this weekend at Central Crossing High School. We will be on the JV field beside the tennis courts, behind the intermediate school. Saturday tryouts are 11-1 pitchers and catchers after and Sunday 1-3 pitchers and catchers after. Looking forward to seeing more of the next generation out there eager to learn the game!

    Also thank you for all of the young players and their families who came out to Teays Valley High School for BHX tryouts on Monday! Met lots of new faces and saw some great talent!
  9. musb10

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    Tryouts now at Central Crossing VARSITY softball field beside the high school in front of football field!
  10. musb10

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    Thank you to everyone who came out to my BHX tryouts this past weekend! Saw a lot of talented athletes who love softball!

    I am still currently looking for 2 or 3 girls with ‘09 or ‘10 birthdays to round out my Buckeye Heat X team for the summer 2020 season. If you have a softball daughter or know someone who has a young softball player wanting to take the next step in their game, please reach out to me for a private tryout! You can contact me via email at Kristin.gill.10@gmail.com or via phone at 614-507-6212. You can also find information out about myself and BHX on my Facebook, OFC under musb10 Buckeye Heat X, or on the Buckeye Heat website. Can’t wait to meet new athletes! Go BHX!! ❤️
  11. ngill

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    Buckeye Heat X looking for 2-3 more. Contact Kristin for a private tryout.

    Nick Gill
    Buckeye Heat 01
    Assistant, Buckeye Heat X
  12. musb10

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    I am hosting private tryouts tomorrow night at 7pm at Teays Valley High School to finalize my roster for Buckeye Heat X! If your interested in attending or know someone who is please contact me via email Kristin.gill.10@gmail.com or via cell 614-507-6212. Go BHX!! ❤️
  13. musb10

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    I’ve added a few more young passionate athletes to my roster and I’m so excited for them to be apart of BHX!!

    I am still in need of 1 or 2 girls with ‘09 or ‘10 birthdays to round out my roster. If know someone or want a private tryout please contact me! Kristin.gill.10@gmail.com or 614-507-6212
    Go BHX!❤️

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