Can anyone share their experience with recruitment sites or agents? Do they really work?

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  1. Rerun

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    recruiting sites can charge small fees as little as $500 or thousands of dollars.I read that one recruitment agency was charging $5,000 dollars with a 75% money back guarantee if you didn’t receive some type of scholarship.

    Can anyone share there experience with recruitment sites or agents? And if they really work?
  2. Xrayaries

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    If you are not willing to do the work yourself you need some guidance. I have watched many a family with talented DD go unseen. They had no idea how to put the kid in front of coaches and by the time they figured it out it was too late. There are plenty of guides out there. There is a lot of work on You and your child but you can achieve better results than the agency if you are motivated.
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  3. yocoach

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    Even with an agency, the athlete and her family will still need to put some work in. Just not as much.
    For those that would rather go it on their own but don't know where to start, the book Preparing to Play Softball at the Collegiate Level by Cathi Aradi is an outstanding resource and great place to start. An E-book version is available through the Kindle app for $9.95 I believe.
  4. CARDS

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    A lot of players that use recruiting services are on teams that may not have the experience, structure or organizational support needed to get ladies in front of college coaches.

    IMO, players/families best bet is to get on a team with experienced coaches or an organization with college coach connections....

    Part of being on one of our teams back in the day, included help with profiles, videos and pathways to find college opportunities and as an organization we worked to help ladies throughout our teams find the right opportunity.

    If a player has schools that you are interested in or they are interested in you, your money may be better spent going too camps or clinics... Not all but a lot of established HS coaches have very good college coach connections as well that can help players...
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  5. DanMaz

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    they are a waste of time and money. JMHO
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  6. HITTER23

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    My thoughts exactly. Most of time you got a list of outdated email addresses for coaches.
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  7. tjsmize3

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    We took the do it yourself approach and it was successful for my DD. In retrospect, however, the biggest question is how much your time is worth. Although it's not rocket science, learning how to shoot a proper video and then edit it takes A LOT of time. So does figuring out how to construct proper letters, when to drop and add college programs from the list, deciding which camps to attend and how to follow up properly. Playing with the right org, as others have said, is a VERY important part of the equation and can help you focus your time towards the right college programs for sure. The one thing that I would do differently though is I probably would have used a recruiting service. I 95% agree with DanMaz and Hitter, because I do think 95% of recruiting services are a complete waste of time. Some though like College Bound Jocks are not and we figured that out a little too late. There are 2 players on my team who both received D1 offers to very nice programs primarily through CBJ. While I would love to take the credit, it was more what CBJ and Brian Chidester did for them (and of course their talent level), then anything I or the org did. I would at least take a look at the CBJ website and do your homework, because I do believe that service (and a few others) are worth the investment (CBJ will cost you around $1,000).
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