Catching throwing thru a hoop at second bases

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    You will need a hula-hoop and some softball.

    Place the hula-hoop upright over second base (a coach will hold it) and instruct your catcher to make her throw from homeplate through the hoop. This develops accurate throws.

    The second part of the drill, you can put a pitcher on the mound and practice pitching and then have the pitcher duck when the catcher throws the ball down to second base. This helps make a good pitcher/catcher connection.

    The same drill can be used at third base. This drill gives the catcher a target area to throw to. Use a player to act as backup behind the hoop.

    Tips: So you don't have to chase the balls, use your bow net instead of the hula hoop. Same principal, except without all the ball chasing in the outfield. I have my catchers do all their throwing drills to bases into the bow nets.

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