TRYOUTS Cincy Landsharks 14U Try-outs!

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  1. Cincy Landsharks

    Cincy Landsharks New Member

    The Cincy Landsharks, lead by Head Coach Stephanie Schnurr are having try-outs for 2019-2020 season.

    Tryouts to be held for 14U team at
    Clete McDaniel Park
    11797 Old Solzman Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45249

    August 17th & 18th from 11-1pm.
    Please arrive early to register. Registration opens at 10:30am.
    Seeking dedicated team players!

    **All positions are being considered!
    ** 14U team looking for 05 & 06 birth years

    Conctact with questions.
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    Is this a new team? I havent heard of Cincy Landsharks before.
  3. Cincy Landsharks

    Cincy Landsharks New Member

    Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, we are a new team in the Cincinnati area. Our aim is provide quality coaching, giving each girl opportunities to find and develop their strengths on the field! We are also dedicated to ensuring teamwork and sportsmanship are held to high standards for the girls, coaches, and families! Coach Stephanie has 10 years of fastpitch experience as well as 7 years of coaching experience on teams such as OFC Heat, Cincy Shock, Cincy Magic, and Ohio Thunder!

    Thanks for asking,
    Cincy Landsharks
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New Member

    Thank you so much. Any clue yet where the practices would be held?
  5. Cincy Landsharks

    Cincy Landsharks New Member

    We are looking at Clete McDaniel for practices but are also considering a few other practice fields around that same area.
  6. RSDad

    RSDad New Member

    What level are you going to be playing at. Thanks
  7. Mrspmcd

    Mrspmcd New Member

    We will play as C in Fall tournaments and plan to move to B level in the spring.

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