Coaches that put other area teams down

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by Softballmom1974, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Just a question/pondering: We went and tried out for a team, they were great, all the current team members were there, very welcoming! We went to another tryout for another team in the same general area, it was just the coach and his daughter. We did the tryout, he asked what other teams we had tried out for and when we told him the team we were at just before his, he started running the coaches down, the players down etc. Why would anyone do that? I know there is alot of teams looking, but to purposely put another team and girls down is just wrong. Needless to say, we are signing with the first team we tried out with. I just hope he isnt doing this with other girls that tryout. We said something to our new coach about it and their reply was, well, if that is what it takes for him to get girls, then so be it, but eventually they will see what he is like.
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    Sounds like just an unpolished person to me. Softball aside, if you just meet a person and they have an openly negative attitude about things then it just shows a lack of self control. A person can have negative opinions but expressing them in the wrong situation is just plain dumb. My $.02 for what it’s worth.
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    As stated above, unpolished really seems to say it all. I don't care for the "used car salesman" approach to sell their bag of goods. You want to impress me, tell me what you have to offer me without bringing others down to below your level so your own star shins brighter.
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    Honestly I would never ask a prospective parent / player who or what teams they are interested in. Just doesn't matter...Maybe past team but even that may not bring value.
    There are many reasons why a team is a good fit or a bad fit. If the coach is fair and consistent with their tryouts/evaluations and has a track record of success backed up with the ability to grow players and communicate with parents they do not need to know about or talk down previous/other teams or organizations. As far as the last line of the OP...If he did it to you that is most likely his recruiting pitch he uses for all...
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    Negative recruiting happens in college sports all the time. I read/hear about it all the time in football and basketball. It doesn't make it right. It is different if you are talking to a friend or just someone trying out. If it is a friend, you can be honest and open about what you know without just bashing. If it is someone I don't know I find it best to do what mama said "if you don't have anything nice..."
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    Those coaches will always be out there (Sad but true).... Its just bad for all the sport though .... never did I do that.
    You either liked our team/players or you went somewhere else. A good fit is what we all are looking for as it usually finds you if you are putting on the, B+ attitude all the time!
    Hope you do well this year ....
    Ignore the negative as it takes more energy to be negative than B+ !!

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