COBRAS 10u and 12u Try-outs

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    Cobras Fastpitch have announced their 10u and 12u try-outs, for 2019-2020

    Location: 7229 Ravenna Road, Concord Ohio 44077

    10u (birth year 2010)
    Aug 3rd 1:30pm
    Aug 4th 1:30pm
    Aug 6th 7:00pm

    10u (birth year 2009)

    Aug 3rd Noon
    Aug 4th Noon
    Aug 6th 7:00pm

    12u (birth year 2008)
    Aug 3rd 10:30am
    Aug 4th 10:30am
    Aug 6th 5:30pm

    12u (birth year 2007)
    Aug 3rd 9:00am
    Aug 4th 9:00am
    Aug 6th 5:30pm

    More information and to pre-register please follow the link below

    If you are unable to make these dates, send an email to

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