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  1. Xrayaries

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    Updated on the resources section. Thank you for the information.
  2. Xrayaries

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    Thank you for helping to update this list. Don't hesitate to let me know of an omission or deletion that needs to be made. My feelings won't get hurt. This truly is the best way to provide the most accurate information for everyone. Another Ohio update to include Sinclair CC coming shortly.
  3. manitoudan

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    Thanks for this info Xray ! great work , so could you do West Virginia ?
  4. Xrayaries

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    West Virginia is completed and posted. I think it's the third post on this thread and is in the resources section as well.
  5. Xrayaries

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    Updated New Coach at Owens CC and added Sinclair CC to the list. the updates are available in the resources section
  6. Xrayaries

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    I have finally completed New York feel free to download as needed. Please remember to check for update versions on the resources section.

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  7. TheSoftballZone

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    Thanks Once again for a very valuable tools for anyone trying to find college coaches in are Region.
  8. Xrayaries

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    Updates made to the Ohio list. Blufton was added, Ohio University of Lancaster Coach change, Clark State coach change. Good luck in the HS season. These updates are only available through the resources section. Please keep your eyes open for changes.
  9. Xrayaries

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    Updates made to WV can be found in resource section V1.2
  10. Tam H

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    Thank you so much for putting these lists together!
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  11. Xrayaries

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    Just updated Ohio. Check the resources tab for the up to date list. Updating more tonight.
  12. Xrayaries

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    Updated Pennsylvania. Check the resources tab for the up to date list. There we many changes in PA so make sure you download the newest version.

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