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    I guess until we see if the state extend the order for a longer amount of time. We won't no for sure how it would effect events after 3-4 week.

    I would think since the State and the medical community saying the virus should peak after 3 wks, things would get back to normal and some of the orders would be removed sometime in April. I also believe that everyone should do there part to help insure the peak is no longer then 3 wks. Unfortunately I believe following the orders put inplace by the state may be one of the only way to help insure the peak is only 3 wks and yes I do believe it may be unethical if you host a event and put the public at risk.
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    Toledo, Ohio cancelled a very small outdoor festival that usually has around 150 - 200 people. They posted a message stated that due to the Coronavirus the festival has been cancelled for 2020.
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    In Ontario Canada they closed schools for 2 additional weeks after our March break so March 14 to April 4

    Travel team out of Buffalo DD plays for has suspended practices due to insurance reasons.
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    I'm not surprised they suspended practice due to insurance.
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    Well let me say this....If you all wanna live under the government's thumb and live scared do it...But for a lot of us we're moving on with life...Kids are going to play, adults will watch, can't stop a society and they are trying, government control, Bernie style...Don't stop loving folks...Live, laff and love...And there is a few of us umpires who aren't scared and would love to be out there too!!!
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    Looks like school will be cancelled for the rest of the year in Ohio and school ball is done for this year. Kids need to get ready for summer ball...
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    JMO. Not sure what State of Ohio is trying to achieve with their mixed messages and bans. Sporting events, tournaments canceled, parades festivals canceled. They ban all events that have more than 100 people, but this doesn’t include malls, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, funerals, church services etc. Restaurants are packed with people and people are standing in a 2 hr wait line to eat. 100’s of people at the grocery stores & malls. Bars are packed and people talk on here that outdoor tournaments would put the public at risk. Are you kidding me? Does anyone really believe that Polaris Mall or Tanger Outlet got legal advice, or checked with their insurance agent on whether to stay open and provide their services to the public. The only people putting the public at risk, is the public. People are more likely to get the virus off of a gas pump handle than getting the virus at an outdoor tournament. If the government is going to put a ban on the public, don’t pick and choose, ban everything, so there’s no gray area.
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  9. M & R Davis

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    I can’t find any credible Source for this comment? Is there one or is this your opinion? Thanks
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    From what I've been reading online, even if a tournament directors wanted to host his/her tournament they may hit a road block. Most Parks that can handle lots of teams are mostly ran by local government. Most local governments aren't going to go against a state order.

    I've already read that some city parks/ball diamonds won't be available until April 26 and maybe late May. But if we listen to what the states saying and everyone doing there part, it seems to me that by April 1st the number should be going down and the current orders can be lifted or updated.
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    Dont forget. If your players/team insurance/association says that they will suspend or not insure an event or your team, it's a non issue of practicing or playing until the govt lifts the ban.
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    I've read that a couple travel teams in Pennsylvania were told they can't hold practices because they wouldn't have any insurance coverage. Haven't seen that in Ohio yet.
  13. CARDS

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    The Friday the 13th OHSAA memo states no contact at HS in any sport. Facilities are to be closed until April 5th.

    (This date will most likely change since yesterday the Health Department does not expect peek until mid to late april).

    Our school is out until April 13th. Many other districts are as well. Teachers are being told to plan for alternative instruction through April 30.

    If schools are out till late in April and if, play is allowed schools may get 10 games in and a tournament. but it does not look good with Pro and College and major conferences canceling or postponing through April.
    I have already received 11 game cancellations through Arbiter up to April 9th. As far as travel teams and HS ball not going to be any tournaments for that age group and OHSAA policies remain in effect even if no play. Now, I suggest ladies continue to see private instruction, work out on their own if, facilities are available.

    From OHSAA:

    March 13, 2020

    TO: Member School Administrators

    FR: Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Executive Director

    RE: Winter and Spring Sports Update

    Good afternoon to each of you in these challenging and unique times! This communication is to update you on several issues that are related to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s recent order mandating school closures beginning next week and their impact on school-based athletics. Please note this communication contains an attachment of “Q and A’s” that should address all questions you and/or coaches may have.

    Those can be found here:'sA's.pdf

    I am asking that you share this communication with your administrative team to include principals, superintendents and athletic administrators and be especially sure that all coaches are aware of the items in this communication.

    OHSAA Regional and State Boys Basketball, State Girls Basketball, State Ice Hockey and State Individual Wrestling Tournaments

    As announced Thursday, the above-mentioned tournaments are postponed indefinitely. Given the rapidly changing events nationally and statewide, we are assessing the situation daily. It is impossible to make a determination today . . . the reason for continuing them to be ‘postponed.’ If your team remains in the tournament, you need to remind them that the “non-interscholastic rule” remains in effect. Further, we have implemented indefinitely a no-contact period, which prohibits any coach, paid or volunteer, approved by the Board of Education to provide coaching, instruction or supervising conditioning and physical fitness programs or open gyms to members of a school team in their sports. Again, we are assessing this daily and we WILL keep you up-to-date on a regular basis.

    All Sports

    A MANDATORY no-contact period is in effect for all school-sponsored sports March 17-April 5, 2020. Additionally, there will be a mandatory shut down of facilities used for the purpose of conducting athletics activities from March 17-April 5, 2020.

    A couple key points to remember:

    1.) We are RELYING on your communication with your coaches to ensure compliance. Bylaw 11 (Penalties) of the OHSAA Handbook outlines the ability to assess penalties for violation. Obviously, we do not want violations, which makes your oversight and communication vital.

    2.) The OHSAA Non-Interscholastic Rule is still applicable to all athletes, including spring sport athletes. For spring sport athletes, they are in violation of the non-interscholastic rule if they participate in any non-school sport in the same season if they have already participated in a scrimmage or contest for the school team in that sport. Additionally, at no time are they permitted to participate in any non-school sport exceeding the 50% limitation defined in General Sport Regulation 7.

    Spring Sport Out-of-State Travel

    Obviously, this is highly discouraged, and we urge all schools to cancel these trips. We also know that it is impossible in a few cases to obtain refunds. In those instances, we have no choice but to permit that to continue. However, please note:

    - Any contest played will be counted toward the total number permitted;

    - No NEW trips may be scheduled that have not previously been scheduled, and

    - It is highly recommended that the conditions outlined in Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton’s order be followed regarding the number of individuals permitted at the event (see the Q’s and A’s for more information).

    With the return to school date tentatively set by Governor DeWine for April 6, the following will TENTATIVELY be in place:

    April 6 – 10 MANDATORY Practices and/or Acclimatization (if required)

    April 11 All Scrimmages/Regular Season Contests may begin

    Tournaments will remain on dates as currently scheduled

    Please note: Since the current situation is rapidly changing, any of these may need to be adjusted. IF they are, notification will go out immediately to schools. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

    Serving Our Member Schools and Enriching Opportunities for Students

    PLEASE NOTE: This email, attachments and any response to it may constitute a public record, and therefore may be made available upon request in accordance with Ohio public records law. (ORC 149.43)
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    Dewine is on the Sunday talk shows today saying he could see schools closing for the remainder of the year. But I'm guessing that is a CYA statement assuming things get worse instead of better over the next 3 weeks. If it does trend in that direction, I'd say kiss summer ball goodbye as well, unless they come to their senses by then and realize that the risk at outdoor events is low and make an exception.
  15. coachjwb

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    My guess is that anything scheduled before June 1 isn’t going to happen this year, and that we’ll have to see what transpires over the next 30-45 days to know if June and July tournaments can take place.
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    Our org has decided that none of our teams will be violating the directive from the Governor regarding team/sport activities. All teams are suspended from events until at least the April 6th date
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    I think it's great you're making sure they shut it down during this period, but if they continued they wouldn't be violating any order from the governor or the health department. Again, not suggesting they shouldn't be shut down, just that they haven't been ordered shut down.
  18. Dawgsdad

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    Agree. It was done as a precaution and it's only March. Lol
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    After the Governors address toady you are probably correct...
  20. What is everyone’s thought on Jerry’s Snodgrass recommendation for travel ball?

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