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    At this point I don’t think we are going to have a option on what we do. The government will choose for us. I would be surprised if we are able to play any tournament before the 1st of June.
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    I missed what Jerry said, can u share a link or give more details.
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    Hit on alot of the questions except ............. Is my DD allowed to step outside in our yard and Breathe ??
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    I’m never one to get into politics especially on a forum but we better all get real comfy with our house mates. Our governor seems to be above the curve on this issue and he’s taking a hard stance on how we’re going to operate/live. I guess we need to look at how Italy/China and France have suffered through this pandemic.
    We cannot continue to just ignore the history of this virus because it makes us uncomfortable. Do I like not being able to go have a beer and a nice dinner - of course not but I also like living. A couple of months of oversight Id worth it if we can suppress the spread as much as we can. I’d rather people a lot smarter than me work to protect us overload style versus nonchalantly.

    call me crazy but wait about 90 days first.

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