Cutting players from teams . End of Season

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    Coaches, and past Coaches..

    In what ways have you cut players at the end of the season?

    Basically, how did you conduct the "unfortunate" event? in person? over the phone, text? or none of the above and hope the message was clear at the end of the last game?

    just curious... love to read the best and yes! the worst!
  2. daboss

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    There is no good way but A good practice to share unfortunate news is to always look them in the eyes and tell them the truth. Have your reasons ready to explain and expect a debate. You may find out your reasons actually involve you and what you want rather than it is them and what they can do to rectify things. Talk to the parents first, then talk to the player. If the parents don't want you to tell them it of course is their child, their choice.

    Many times the skill level of the player is not measuring up to your demands and it is easier in your eyes to replace rather than work to improve the player. Keep this in mind when you drop the bomb that you don't want to take the time but would rather have a turn key player somebody else has prepared. At that time you may need to question yourself "Is this for me or for the kids?" Every team, even international status teams, have players with flaws in c comparison to other quality teammates. There will always be a king of the hill and a player in the cellar. Be sure of your decision before you make it. Some kids simply don't have the physical ability to execute at a higher level. Be sure to tell them why they are not coming back so they can work on the off season to hone their skills for another team. That's right, they'll be preparing to play against you.

    If you sense the sarcasm in the above paragraph it's because I struggle with any club getting ready to dismiss a player if she's already shown you she wants to be part of the team. Unless a physical issue is present or problem with personality issues on and off the field make it too challenging, coaches should really be ready for what is next before cutting a player.

    If all you are doing is notifying players that showed up for an open tryout then of course a phone call or card should suffice.
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    It's a 1 year deal both ways. If the coach does not extend an offer within the last 2 weeks of the season then you should be looking at tryouts to attend.

    Robby, you are unfortunately correct. A lot of coaches throw around "we develop players" way too much. Different coaches have different levels of ability. They may develop players but they usually under deliver. Not from lack of trying but lack of knowledge. There are some really smart and very knowledgeable coaches out there but are not very good at teaching. Kind of like when I tell my wife how to get somewhere... I use streets and direction... blank stare... If i use landmarks and turn left or right shes a human GPS. It's all in the delivery and each kid is different. What works for 1 may not work for the other. A real coach who can "develop" players has the ability to reach the majority so they can understand and become a better athlete.
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    Having turnover every year isn't a bad thing. Girls get complacent and that is a problem.

    Playing time is earned during bracket play. Each girl should have a fair shot during pool play to earn their spot on the field during bracket play. If they fall short every weekend then shame on them for not working harder to crack the lineup. If the coach plays favorites then shame on him/her.

    Yes, sometimes coaches take a girl who they may not normally take but are scrambling to fill a team ant that is a problem. In a perfect world it changing out your bench in the middle of the game shouldn't affect the outcome but there are few teams that can accomplish that.

    Every coach wants to put a good product on the field. Every parent wants to be a part of a winning team/organization. Every player wants to play on a winning team. I'm not sure what age group you are but if I had to guess I would say a younger one. If you're not part of their "family" then move on quietly. The best revenge is to beat that team if you get a chance to play them.
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    Why would there be a debate? I can't imagine debating a coach about the reasons he/she doesn't want your kid back next year. It's not a winnable argument. And you wouldn't even want your kid to be on a team where the coach doesn't want her, even if you are right. So why bother?
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    It's life, produce or your gone! Simple phone call or face to face discussion with player/parents. Straight forward and to the point. Honesty is the best policy.
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    My DD had a coach one year that send a team email out a few weeks after the last tournament, giving all the details of the upcoming season. He also stated in the email that (paraphrasing this): If you hadn't heard from me privately before reading this, then you aren't a part of this team going forward. I wish you good luck....

    By time the email came out, most of the try outs have come and gone. It left a few kids scrambling to get on teams.

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