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    As many know, for years I have offered free pitching lessons to any girl interested. Unfortunately, this is will change starting with my winter sessions. Perhaps the change will be worth it to you.

    A new facility is under construction and the costs are going to force me to charge a fee. Hopefully the new facility will be to your liking. The new building has a higher ceiling and is longer. This eventually will allow hitting instruction. The overall dimensions are larger. We will be able to offer up to 7 pitching lanes in each time slot. This will increase opportunities for families to bring their girls to group sessions. Private lessons will still be available.

    All the years I have coached, I have never charged anyone a dime. It was never my intent to profit from the game. Even the clinics provided were done as fundraisers for clubs and Rec centers with my time and travel donated. All my personal training has been out of pocket. I traveled all over this country to attend classes and clinics to insure the methods I am sharing are proper, safe, and most up to date techniques being practiced in the game. Charging a monetary fee has been a difficult decision for me. Situations change. The times have changed. Costs for utilities in the new building will be more than I can afford out of pocket.

    The fee will be minimal as I strive to continue my quest to give back to the girls. I hope you understand. Thank you.
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    That’s great news. Absolutely need more places like this in our area.

    When will you begin?
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    I always start lessons after "Election Tuesday" in November. The first few weeks before Thanksgiving I offer time slots Tuesday thru Friday and all day Sunday until everyone (including myself) get a better understanding of any school or other activity schedules the families need to deal with. After Thanksgiving, I normally offer 2 evenings during the week and all day on Sundays. This gives me time to R&R and deal with my real job.

    You can contact me by email at: phazlett8812@aol.com. Most regulars begin contacting me during the month of October to secure a time slot in November. Once the first lesson is complete, you can sign up for a time slot throughout the month but only a month at a time. Lessons will end when the player reports to their school team in February or March 1, whichever comes first.
  4. Congratz on the facility Paul. You always do your best for the girls.
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