Day of rage

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    Just a heads up to families in the C-Bus area this weekend. According to some social media sites, Anonymous and Black Lives Matter are having a day of rage across the country. Planned for Goodale park Saturday at 7 pm. Keep your eyes open, and make wise choices.
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  3. lewam3

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    I would hope they would not want to target a bunch of teenage girls with composite bats and 12 inch spherical missles lol
  4. poden-smoden

    poden-smoden New Member

    Or a wack job of a father with an F-350!!!!!
  5. okiedad1961

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    My bet is on Bats and 12" missiles these girls don't miss
  6. JoeA1010

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    Goodale Park is in the Short North, just north of the Arena District where the Blue Jackets play. It is across I-670 from the Arena District, and it's highly unlikely that anyone playing at Berliner or GAPSS would be in the Goodale Park area. But lock your cars and don't leave anything of value showing at Berliner. The crime in that area is bad enough as it is, without adding however many Day of Rage morons in town for their nonsense.
  7. manitoudan

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    Only Rage I care about is Heart of Ohio Rage .. Nice team with several kids I'd like to see in Shawnee St Blue .
  8. Snopes calls this a hoax.

    There might be some idiots out there in Columbus who think this is real and want to congregate, get mad, yell at TV's, reporters, etc so they can get on TV. At the end of my 2nd game at GAPSS, I'm going to drop by Goodale Park with about 20-30 gunny sacks and take the all of the rioters out into the woods snipe hunting.

    Who's in with me?
  9. yossarian

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    Dude, you're on an FBI Watch List now! ;)

    I saw that on Snopes too.
  10. jdcii

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    The CZ stands for Clinton cZar. They will be cleared from any FBI watch list.
  11. WalkOffHR

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    Day of Rage happens every week in travel ball. It's also known as bracket play. Some of the most dangerous people in society attend these events. They all stand behind cages frothing at the mouth yelling obscenities at the boys in blue.
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  12. TheSoftballZone

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    Post like these should really be inside the Rant & Rave section. And yes it's a hoax from way back in 2014.

    But it today's society you never 100% sure of anything anymore
  13. FastBat

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    No, Day of Rage, is every Monday right here on the OFC. It's during that time, angry parents (sometimes coaches), complain about how terrible their ump was the previous day.
  14. yossarian

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    I suggest a rename: Rant & Rage

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