Demarini crx vs Vendetta

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by Crazy4LWS, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Crazy4LWS

    Crazy4LWS New Member

    I am trying to decide between the 2018 CRX-11(32/21) or the newer Vendetta -10 (32/22). She is a 12u player and currently uses an older version on the Vendetta -12 (31/19). She likes the way the bats swings but it is time to move up in weight. As anyone seen or have experience with these two bats. Thanks!
  2. OhPhat

    OhPhat Member

    i do not know much about either bat but I think I would be careful jumping 3 ounces in weight...does not sound like a lot but that’s a pretty big jump
  3. Crazy4LWS

    Crazy4LWS New Member

    Thanks OhPhat, I was thinking about that a little as well.
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  4. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    I agree...from experience, a 3 oz jump is huge.
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  5. wrecker24

    wrecker24 New Member

    Just posted a 32/12 CFX PM me if interested

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