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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by bbelsole, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Jayd

    Jayd Member

    Wish we could see those brackets
  2. us3odums

    us3odums Member

    Top 4 12's outlaws02 fury fastpitch vegas 02 storm 02 and sundogs
  3. Bill S

    Bill S New Member

    Any info about the 16s ?
  4. crush191

    crush191 Member

    Thunder Elite 99 7 Silver Creek Starz 6
    Walk off 3r HR in bottom of the 7th
  5. Irish196

    Irish196 Active Member

    Do you know what the final 4 looked like at 14?
  6. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    SunDogs Blue over Outlaws '01
    Oakland Edge over Michigan Bulldogs

    SunDogs Blue 9 Oakland Edge 5
  7. Jayd

    Jayd Member

    10 and 12u results?
  8. stingerman

    stingerman New Member

    Who won the 12u division?? Loaded!!!
  9. wolfpack Roby

    wolfpack Roby New Member

    Storm won the 12U
  10. Jayd

    Jayd Member

    That storm team was solid.
  11. crush191

    crush191 Member

    Our behalf of the the Thunder Elite 99 team and parents we would like to thank Brent and the entire Diamond Chix organization for running a great tournament our girls really enjoyed it. This was our 1st time coming to this tournament and I now understand how they were able to attract so many teams.
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  12. us3odums

    us3odums Member

    Scores in final 12U?
  13. scstarz22

    scstarz22 New Member

    Silver Creek Starz Black '00 really enjoyed the weekend and would like to congratulate Thunder Elite on their win. The competition at 16/18 was great and my girls loved every moment. It was a great game and my girls really enjoyed it. Tell that young lady great stick at the end to win it. Hopefully she was able to get the ball. A moment she'll remember for a long time!

  14. Bekah24

    Bekah24 Member

    10u results: Valley Force 12 Ohio Lightning (gold) 8 The tournament was ran awesome, and we had a great time playing. Lightning gold went 5-1 with a great battle against Valley Force in the championship. Congrats Valley Force on your win!
  15. wildcatsfp

    wildcatsfp New Member

    Great Tournament and very well organized. Looking forward to next year
  16. softball6dad

    softball6dad Member

    The 14u SunDogs Blue players and parents would also like to thank Brent and the entire Diamond Chix organization for another well ran tournament again this year! Great field of teams, our girls had an absolute blast! We're already looking forward to next fall! Thanks again!
  17. Fastbat04

    Fastbat04 New Member

    In 12u, it was Storm 02 over Sundogs 02. Score was 10-0.
  18. bbelsole

    bbelsole Member

    Thank you everyone for the nice words about our tournament! Thankfully we had Dry weather... sometimes cold and windy, lol... but beautiful on Sunday!!

    I will work on getting the brackets posted on here in the next couple days.

    16/18U Thunder Elite over Silver Creek Stars 7-6
    14U Sundogs Blue over Oakland Edge 9-5
    12U Ohio Storm over Sundogs 10 - 0
    10U Valley Force over Ohio Lightning 12-6

    I have to tell you the most exciting game I saw HAD to be the 16/18U Championship...
    Thunder Elite was the Home team, losing 6-4.... bottom of the seventh... they had two runners on base... 2 outs... 2 strikes on the batter... then BAM !!!! Walk off 3 run homer to win the Championship!!!!!!!! UNREAL !! So glad I was able to see that!! Very special win!!!

    I'm sure there were tons of great games, but I just happened to see that one go down at the time.

    Again...give me some time and I'll post more scores

    Thanks again !!
  19. nester1234

    nester1234 New Member

    Which team was Sundogs blue?
  20. nester1234

    nester1234 New Member

    Thanks Again Brent for having this tournament. Our girls had fun no matter how many substitutions we needed!

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