EKRC Fall Ball league sign ups *Dayton/Kettering*

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    Hope this is the right forum.

    Sign ups are underway for my local rec league's second year of Fall Ball. There will be a select team league also, details are being finalized and posted soon in the Fall League section. All games played on one of six diamonds at State Farm Park in Kettering, OH.

    This is an 8 week league, consisting of one game per week. Softball on Saturdays. Starts weekend of August 28.

    Girls Minors - ages 9-10

    cost $60/player

    Girls Majors - ages 11-12

    cost $60

    Girls E-majors - ages 13-14

    cost $60


    8 Games, We Provide Softballs, Ump's, Shirts and hats. This will be a Non-Trophy League.

    Start the weekend of the 28th of Aug. and Finish on the 30th of Oct. Note: We will not play Labor Day weekend
    All divisions are contingent on enough participation.

    More info on website.
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    Yes you places it inside the correct section on the forum. Were actually Looking at moving Fall league insider this section as well..

    Thanks for sharing your league information.
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    Sign ups extended to Friday the 7th.

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