Entering our 35th year of Live Pitch/Hit Leagues @ MGS

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  1. "It's difficult to get to the top, but even harder to stay there!" said every great player

    Grand Slam's Live Pitch / Hit League helps you to stay on top !

    *It is a great tool for getting lots of valuable swings and perfecting the bunt
    *Provides an opportunity to see a lot of different pitches as well as game situational hitting
    *Builds confidence at the plate w 7 at bats each week
    *Quick-paced games and very competitive scoring system with an USA Umpires
    *Catchers/Pitchers/Hitters real-time game calling and throwing for both P and C
    *Schedule Requests-Game times: Between 12:30m and 8pm (Games are 1 hour 15 minutes)

    *Age Groups:14U and High School begin Saturdays @ 11/3/18
    *Age Groups: 10U and 12U begin Fridays @ 11/2/18
    *Cost: $400 per team (Consists of 4-6 players)


    Live Hitting League has a energetic atmosphere and is a great way to keep your swing in shape this winter. Our concept of Hitting League is so valuable to get needed batting practice in the off-season.

    It is the best way to see a lot of different pitches as well as improve
    your plate coverage and hitting all the zones for both pitchers and hitters.

    Questions ? Please call Kathy @ Mannino's Grand Slam USA @ 614-717-9934 anytime : )
    • Getting to the top of your game is just the beginning.
    • Understanding how to keep your game on top is what we do best !!


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