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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Hilliarddad3, May 17, 2015.

  1. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Active Member

    You're Giving Me Vertigo! Stop all the jumping between games and just play a freaking game to watch!
  2. Pacerdad57

    Pacerdad57 Member

    Couldn't agree more! The Georgia/Western KY game was really a great game, then BOOM, never saw another shot from it and had to leave to work the boosters bingo. Didn't did out till late last night who won. That coverage sucks.


    It was poor producing to say the least!! With the games going extra innings, shortened due to run rule, weather delays, etc. It forced ESPN to juggle their schedule. The way it appeared to me is whoever was producing the feeds didn't want to slight any one team by just going to one game and staying there so they decided to show a little of all of them...which for us true game enthusiast was an epic fail!!!
  4. ohlovessteelers

    ohlovessteelers New Member

    But did you see Jenna Modic's grand slam vs. Cal last night??
  5. fanandfun

    fanandfun New Member

    i did and the look on her face was priceless!! I love hearing about Ohio kids making noise at the next level!
  6. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    I thought the same thing. Normally with something like NFL Red Zone, I like jumping around, but they know how to do it. Whoever is calling the shots with the Bases Loaded feature is kind of lost, just randomly jumping around and, like Lady Knights said, trying not to slight any one team. My gosh when are they going to stop treating college softball like a bunch of 8 year olds, afraid to slight a team or criticize a coach?

    The quality of the play-by-play is getting better. Adam Amin is very good and most of the others aren't bad, but the color analysts have a long way to go. Most of them are wooden with no charisma and are terrified to question anything going on on the field. As a result, they add next to nothing. They rarely even explain when something good happens that might not be noticed by the average viewer.

    Here is an example of the difference between our game and MLB: Recently a MLB player dove head first into first base. John Kruk lambasted the guy, talking about how not only do you not get there faster diving head first as opposed to running straight through, he discussed the danger of a broken finger or smashed hand by diving head first. In one of the softball games yesterday (can't recall which, but maybe Western Kentucky-Georgia) the color announcer was effusive in her praise of a batter-runner doing the same thing. She talked about the "great effort" and how that player was doing "everything she could" to reach that base. Until ESPN finds some former players or coaches who thoroughly understand the game and aren't afraid to make some friends mad, the quality of the broadcasts will continue to suffer.
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  7. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    The color person on the UCLA vs. San Diego State game isn't bad at all. Nice to see. The one who did the Georgia-Western Kentucky games was really bad and was indeed the one who I was referring to above. I have no idea who either of them might be.
  8. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    I think it's Carol Bruggeman doing the Ariz. State vs. LSU game. She made a great point in pointing out just now that an LSU baserunner should have made third base, but didn't keep her eye on the ball as baserunners are supposed to do. One batter later, the LSU runner at first gets hit by a ground ball to second base, causing a key out.
  9. manitoudan

    manitoudan Active Member

    Would love to see a distance estimate on the game winning shot the Hugo girl from Ga hit last night ... went over some very tall trees beyond the Left Field fence .. it was a loooooooong dinger .
  10. lewam3

    lewam3 Active Member

    I think fences need to be moved to 230 in NCAA, and I think the Softball bats need to adopt the BBCOR restrictions that baseball has implemented.
    DD pitchers dad
  11. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    I like the fences where they are. I know a lot of coaches agree with lewam3, but I don't know why everyone is so opposed to a decent number of home runs in softball. There still aren't as many as in baseball (professional), and at 230, there would be still be some in Division I, but it would be cut in over half. At Division II and III and NAIA, you would be down to less than 10 home runs per team in a given year in 35-50 games.
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy Member

    Why not just change the compression of the ball? This would solve a multitude of issues.


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