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    I would like to ask for feed back on what the difference is between an A sanction and B sanction. If I’m saying that correctly.

    I see in some of these bigger tournaments there is a mix of A and B and then I see some are only designated to A organizations or and B. I have also found some organizations have a mix where one 14u is A and one is B. Does it really determine the value of worth of a player in her future what she is on?

    I hear chatter a lot of “Oh they are a B organization” like it’s the plague. It really bothers me. I’m sure there’s been Bs beat As or what not. Again.. confused and still just trying to figure it all out. What is your true experience? We just want to do what ever we can, while we can to get our daughter to next level playing what she loves and shines at. Is she perfect, absolutely not! Is she the best, no.. that’s why we search so hard to find a coach and team that have same values and morals of wanting to truly coach, uplift and grow with them as a team and not just bask in reward. Sorry.. I got the best of myself there.

    Seriously, what is your experience and why? Thanks much.
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    You will save yourself allot of headaches, don’t get caught up in the drama and bullshit of this org is better then that org.
    Just ignore it, find a good fit for your daughter. No matter what org it’s with
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    Every girl is different and has different abilities. Softball is a game and games are meant to be fun. Getting caught up in the name on the front can take the fun out of the game.
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    Statmom, I think you are going to get a different answer for each response as it could vary from Region to Region and state to state. My DD is going into her 7th year of fast pitch in western PA and it has changed greatly over that time. Back around 2010-11 , All-Star rec teams were basically "C" level teams. Usually 90-100% of the team was from the same school district or rec league. "B" level was say 70% made up of local girls and maybe 3-4 players from other areas ....."A" level was wide open. fast forward to today and there is really only a hand full of True "A" organizations...Take 14u this past year in western PA ....Guessing around 50 teams, 40 of those in my opinion were "B" teams ....about 10 were "A" level and of those 10 about 5 could compete outside of western PA and have some success . Calling yourself a "A" team and only playing USSSA local events is a lot different than Being a "A" team and getting out and playing some other top competition ...So ask yourself are you ok going 3-3 on a weekend or did you need to go 5-1 and take home a trophy . Again this is all my opinion and based mostly on Western PA , and a little Ohio exposure

    USSSA = They have separate divisions A, B and even C ...Not really a fan of the C class division because I think it takes away from all-stars
    ASA ....I actually like its format better , you can register as A or B ....but tournaments are open format and you will play a mix ....This is great if your a B team looking for a challenge , not so great If you a good A team , you might have some blowouts
    PGF or USA Elite select have to assume they have the best comp ...You will not see any B teams ...

    It really comes down to the team , I have seen some very good "B" teams that can compete in A .....Also I'm seeing more and more Teams from Big name organizations that really should not be A ....so you have it both ways
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    We prefer to classify as B to give us more tournament options. A 'B' team can play in open or 'A'. Point is look at the team's schedule and record, not just their classification.
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    All that self ranking stuff (that's right, most teams rank themselves) is just crazy. Don't worry about it for a minute. College coaches certainly don't. I have seen so called A teams get their butts beat by a B team who is looking to slide into an Open tournament and hide the fact that they are actually better. It's just nuts what some of these teams and organizations will do for a trophy or to make themselves feel good about themselves........like calling themselves, Platinum, Elite, Gold, Blood Diamonds etc.
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