Fairborn High School Softball Coach Violated OHSAA rules but nothing happened

Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by softballrox, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. softballrox

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    Can someone please explain to me how the assistant varsity softball coach was allowed to coach his high school team over the winter? I know about the 4 player rule but he coached his whole team during indoor tournaments.

    In addition, he took his HIGH SCHOOL team to play in an indoor tournament on February 19th - which was AFTER the last day they could play indoor but he registered them under the name of Ohio Edge. He claimed to be a volunteer coach but it doesn't matter. A coach is a coach whether he or she is paid or not.

    This put his team at an advantage over the other schools in the GWOC.

    If OHSAA doesn't do anything then this sets a precedent for other schools to violate the rules because nothing will be done about it.
  2. BretMan2

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    Was the OHSAA made aware of this? Not much they can do if they don't know it happened.
  3. cobb_of_fury

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    I SAY WE START A REVOLUTION!! Who's with me?? -
    "What do we want?" - "To be able to play softball when ever we want" "When do we want it?" "As soon as it warms up a little and the fields dry out some..."


    softball Players of Ohio unite - You have nothing to loose but these stupid no contact rules.!

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  4. classicpride

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    Clearly a violation but OHSAA is a self report organization so that school's AD would have to report his school to OHSAA
  5. Jamie Wolff

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    Was the assistant coach a coach the year before? Was the coach approved by the Board of Education? There are a few tiny loopholes depending on the interpretation.

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