Fall Ball League for 2016

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    iCoachHitting.com has been a well established in Central Ohio softball for several year. Next fall we are looking to expand our offering to a Fall Ball League. I am currently trying to gather information to find out what the interest level is. If you are interested please go to www.fall-ball.com and fill out the 5 question survey. Registration will not be until May 1st of next year.

    Initial concept is for all H.S. age teams/players (incoming freshman included) BUT we will accommodate youth ages if we have the interest.
    ?What better way to find out what a team or player needs to work on than actually playing.
    ?The fall is also a great time for players to fine tune their skills (hitting/slapping) or develop new ones (new position) while playing playing at a competitive level.
    ?Some ?Free Agents/Individuals? can get exposure to various teams, coaches and organizations and find out if they really do have what it takes.
    ?Guaranteed 11 games (12 if voted onto All-Star Team)
    ?Opportunity to play on a college field
    ?Opportunity for exposure to other teams, coaches and organizations
    ?Free clinic led by iCoachHitting.com owner/instructor Aaron Hall

    Week 1: 8/28/16 ? College Game Week (Double-Header)
    Week 2: 9/4/16 ? High School Field (Double-Header)
    Week 3: 9/11/16 ? High School Field (Double-Header)
    Week 4: 9/18/16 ? High School Field (Double-Header)
    Week 5: 9/24/16 ? High School Field (Double-Header)
    Week 6: 10/2/16 ? League Tournament (One Day)
    Week 7: 10/9/16 ? All-Star Game (College Field)

    "Coach Aaron" Hall
    163 Cypress Road SW
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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