Fall Friendlies @ Candlelight Knolls are Back!

Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by DOKelm3, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. canes7

    canes7 Member

    Sorry Dave I forgot to put that spc hotsox bondra was for 12u if there is still room on sept 27th

  2. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Please add Ohio Blast 12u to 10/11 and 10/18 dates. Thanks.
  3. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Please remove Ohio Blast 12u from 18th of October and add to October 25th. We will be there on the 11th and 25th. Thanks.
  4. DBlack018

    DBlack018 New Member

    Please add Steel Valley Shock 14u for Oct 25. Thank you!
  5. OhioBlast

    OhioBlast New Member


    Sunday, 10/25 - Please hold a spot for Ohio Blast 16U. Thanks.
  6. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Blast 12u needs removed from 10/18 and added 10/25. We plan to play 10/11 and 10/25. Thanks.
  7. Rose725

    Rose725 New Member

    Please add Thunder Elite Green on 10/18
  8. Zoldan9

    Zoldan9 Member

    Don't forget to add Ohio Blast 12u to schedule for 10/25 .

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