Fall Invitational - Hawks / Bandit Bash

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    Last year the Ohio Hawks and Beverly Bandits, piloted a weekend series of games on Oct 6/7. The goal was to play a minimum of 4 games of 7 full innings against national travel teams to prepare our teams for the upcoming fall showcase season. We played 3 games on Sat, and 3 Sunday. We will likely do the same on Sat this year and perhaps do a 1 and out, single elimination, mini-tourney on Sunday.

    We had 6 Bandits teams, 6 Hawks, 1 laser team participate. This year we are opening it up to a few other strong organizations/teams. The Michigan Finesse have already committed 3 teams. We will covering softballs, park fees, insurance and 2 umpires per game. Around $350-$400/team max cost.

    We will run this again over the Oct 5th/6th weekend in the Columbus area. As this weekend is still in the college blackout period, and allows for our teams to play hard-nosed softball without worrying about showcasing players against the best competition we can play.

    Please let me know if you have teams in the 14, 16, and 18 u age group that would like to participate. We would love to have at least 1 strong team in each age group apply. We are looking for the best team in each org at each age. If you are a single team from an organization that is at the top end and plan on playing a strong fall showcase feel free to apply. We will look for individual teams to participate.

    Email me, Coach Lenos, at CoachLenos@OhioHawks.com. Include all the info about your team that will help us best determine your teams strength. Include summer schedule, and record, planned fall schedule, and any additional info to better your case.

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