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    Age groups: 10U, 12U, 14U & 16U

    *PITCHERS & CATCHERS will need to plan to stay an additional 30 to be evaluated separately.


    800 Gillmer Rd
    Leavittsburg OH 44430

    REGISTRATIONS will be at Field #1. Info sheet and questionnaire will need filled out before evaluations.

    Travel Softball is a big commitment and the best possible experience for a family and their daughter is achieved by becoming family with the organization and team you choose.

    FIRE FASTPITCH only accepts families and girls who are great people and the girls MUST be great students in addition to talented athletes. We carefully select girls by parents first, players disposition, attitude and speed are next. Lastly, we look at her Softball IQ and skill level as those are things we can coach and change if a player possesses the aforementioned characteristics.

    While winning is our goal, the family experience is paramount to us. The players will volunteer for Community Service, participate in off-field team bonding events, etc. We teach girls to become confident leaders and strong women and stress academics as much as winning! We are thrilled with the talent that we have so far, but most importantly the families that have already or plan to join us are what makes us different.


    FIRE FASTPITCH has assembled the very best "TEAM" of parents/families and girls so the fit has to be right to maintain what we have established. We have and WE WILL turn down talent if the fit is not perfect.

    If you or anyone you know is interested in discussing a coaching opportunity or would like to get a private tryout for your daughter please contact us here by PM or by email at:

    Or call 330-980-1366

    Are you ready to play with FIRE?
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    Had a great time this past season working with the girls and getting to know their families! An awesome group of kids/parents! Can't wait to add some more to our growing Fire Family!!
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at tryouts tomorrow! If you are a 14U player and cannot make it & want to schedule a private tryout, please contact Stan at 330-550-1212 to set something up.
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    If you are a 13u and want a private tryout, please contact Jim @ 330-720-6897.
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    We will have another tryout for 10u, 12u, 13u, 14u and 16u this Wednesday (August 5th) from 6pm - 8pm. Location: 800 Gillmer Rd. Leavittsburg, OH 44430. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes early to register. Pitchers & catchers may need to stay an additional 30 minutes to be evaluated.
    **We will also have an additional tryout for 13u & 14u on Saturday (August 8th) from 2pm - 4pm.**
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