Freedom Elite Friendly Frenzy October 29 and/or 30 - Open Ages Event

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    Freedom Elite will be holding open friendlies and scrimmages on October 29th and/or 30th. Very simple concept: you choose what day you want to play (Saturday, Sunday, or both) and how many games you wish to play at $50/game. The rules will be modified ASA with roster batting, free defensive substitution, and courtesy running. The games will be 1 hour 20 minutes drop dead (finish the batter) with one umpire. Game balls will be furnished by Freedom Elite. All games will be played at Walter J. Long fields located 7894 Kyles Station Road, Liberty Township OH 45044.

    This event is open to 14u, 16u, 18u, 23u, and even college teams (NAIA, JUCO, etc.). No gate or fee to park. You are welcome to bring coolers, but concessions will be available both days. No trophies or awards; hopefully one last time this season in the dirt.

    If you are interested, please text Tim Adams at 513.256.3595 and indicate your team name and age, how games you wish to play, and on which day(s).

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