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    Where to start. First, why does Captain U insist upon making my life difficult? Is it that hard to type up a tournament schedule that is easy to read, done by team and another one by game time? That way, if we want to find when a specific team is playing, we look at that team's schedule. And if we want to see what games are being played, say on Saturday at 11 a.m., EVERY SINGLE game at that time is listed in one spot and not all over four different pages.

    Second, I know I have written about this before, but there are new people each year writing to colleges, so here I go again. Girls, when e-mailing coaches about your schedule for the upcoming weekend, we need your name, your grad year, your jersey number, your exact team name, the location of your tournament, your exact game time and field number, your opponent and the position(s) you play. Make sure we have your EXACT team name as it is listed by the tournament. I never know which Cincy Static team I'm watching. Maybe it's 97 or 98 or Blue or Sheppard or Kavin or Wilp or North or heck, who knows, maybe some combination. The Static isn't the only organization doing this. Coaches, pick a team name and stick with it at all times! And make sure your girls use the full team name in their e-mails. If I get an e-mail saying a girl plays for the Buckeye Heat and come watch me this weekend, uh, ok, let me find you out of the five Heat teams at the tournament, and because you didn't give me your exact schedule, I now have to find you on a schedule typed by Captain U that is nearly unreadable and hope I found the correct Heat team. And then I need to do this for maybe 20 or more girls?

    Ladies, believe me, make it EASY for college coaches to find you and you will get more looks. I am - as soon as I am done typing this post - about to delete a couple of e-mails from girls for this weekend because I can't find pertinent information in their emails that I need so that I can find them at the tournament. I'm not going to spend an hour trying to find information for one or two girls.
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    Great info.. Thanks
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    Now, thats what i call a rant lol.

    Btw, I coach a team thats playing softball somewhere this weekend, come watch!
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    Ha. Ok, we'll be sure to be there. Heck, maybe we'll bring a Hillsdale shirt for the coach.

    Oh, one thing I forgot...

    Maybe this is just me, I don't know, but please do not make us click some link to find your schedule. Put it right in the body of the e-mail. First, I don't want to take the extra time to deal with the link. Second, the link might require me to enter a username and password, which I'm not going to bother doing. Third, even if I want to enter those, if I have entered that site before and the info is not saved, I likely don't remember my password, meaning I now have to click on the Forgot Password link and wait for the e-mail to arrive, etc, etc, etc. Fourth, if I ever do get into the site, I might have to search around to find your schedule, which I don't want to do. Imagine having to go through this for dozens of girls every week?

    This whole link thing to Captain U or whoever else is not a good idea at all for girls. It's terrible. If you are too lazy to type an appropriate e-mail to send to coaches, what are you going to do when you're here with a full load of classes and full schedule of softball practices?
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    You are making me feel good about ignoring all those e mails I get from Captain U and then then the phone calls. I tell them I want my girls to e mail the coach with the appropriate information. They seem disgusted when I tell them we have been very successful at getting girls in college without Captain U.
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    Come on Hitter, you have to tell him the state!

    Thank you for the information Joe.
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