ASA Tournament GAPSS 2019 - July 5-7, 2019

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At GAPSS 14u/16u/18u, should pool results determine seeding for single elimination bracket play?

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  1. Yes, as a coach I can focus both on winning and showcasing my players for recruiting purposes

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  2. No, as a coach I am focused on showcasing my players, I prefer the blind draw

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    GAPSS 2019 is now accepting team registrations to be considered for the 17th annual tournament held on July 5-7, 2019 in Powell/Lewis Center Ohio

    At the 2019 tournament 14u, 16u and 18u will be a 5 game guarantee (4 pool games and single elimination tournament), 1 hour 20 minute time limits for all pool and bracket games. 10u and 12u will be a 4 game guarantee (2 pool games and double elimination tournament).

    10u / 12u - $495
    14u / 16u / 18u - $695

    Registration will close on December 7, 2018
    Participating teams will be notified by December 28, 2018
    Full refunds will be provided to non-participating teams by no later than January 18, 2019

    For questions contact Mike Wilson at OR 614.582.6453
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    REMINDER: Registration for GAPSS 2019 ends December 7. Visit to register.
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    Also, based on the feedback received both on this forum and from direct interactions with coaches, pool play will determine seeding for all age groups.
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    REMINDER: Registration for GAPSS 2019 ends TODAY, December 7. Visit to register.
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    I looked and that’s not correct unless they changed something since you posted. 9 teams 3 team pools and play in game is 3:30 Saturday between two #2 seeds
  8. Stingrays08

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    It has been changed since this morning...
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    That's an improvement, but if you're going to keep roughly the same format, the play-in should be between two 3rd place teams, not two 2nd place teams.
  10. wahhutch9

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    I agree with this completely.
  11. wahhutch9

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    Mike made a change to the play in game. It’s now 3 seed (B) vs 3 seed (C). .. Progress!

    See ya’ll down there Saturday morning!
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