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  1. It’s January. Retirement Is Boring. It’s cold.
    After a drama filled weekend for friends here is my Question of the Day:

    The bigger organizations have higher fees than some of the others. With higher fees, I would expect, playing in top showcase tournaments, uniforms, practice facilities/rental for year round practices, recruiting liaison, assistance with being seen by colleges/camps, coaches that have the “in” with college coaches, top notch coaching that has proven knowledge and abilities and can therefor provide top notch instruction, etc, etc, etc

    Question: With these fees, would you expect the organizations to hold their coaches to a higher qualification level and standard?
    Should you have a coach in a top organization that continues to have a losing record, drama teams, 9-10 player turnovers at the end of the season, using fees to buy big ticket items without organization or parent approval, etc, etc, etc
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    This could get very interesting... But I think everyone knows the right answer to your question.
    Would love to know what the big ticket item was! Sounds like more than a new net for the team or some heavy balls for warm-ups...
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    I am not a rocket scientist....but this is pretty easy to see this is one of those posts that are aimed at someone specific, but plays it safe and doesn't rock the boat too much by naming them.
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    Fired? Cut loose? Not really because they are usually reshuffled or reassigned to an administrative capacity, another team, or moves to another age division. Even theft or mismanagement is reconciled without much of a purgatory.
  5. A trailer
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  7. “Equipment”
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    I won't defend the guilty. I don't know what organization/organizations or people are targeted by creating the thread if that truly is the intent. I would like to remind you of a few things;

    They are volunteers. Few if any are paid for their services. Volunteers are hard to come by. Most everyone keeps harping "What's in it for me?" There are bad volunteers and good volunteers. Some have heads just slightly bigger than their egos. Many have good intentions but find out they are in over their heads. Many are simply in it so their own family can participate. Many leave by the time their family has run the course and is no longer involved. Unfortunately, that's when they have finally learned how to do this well and they walk away without looking back or sharing their experience with a replacement.

    If you want trained, unbiased people to run your club, be prepared to pay. Few are going to spend their own money to get competent training and education to do what you demand of them as listed in the original post. We can all do better but few seek that out. Ask yourself, are you in it for the jacket, the uniform, or the prestige you believe goes along with being a part of one of those organizations? Be honest. If the answer hints slightly to yes, you got what you paid for. If the answer is no, you need to do a thorough job of shopping for a club that WILL provide you what you expect.

    Be prepared to pay because few do it for free.............. FYI, this advice is free...............
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    A speaker on wheels
  10. Brand New
    6x10 enclosed trailer
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    Good reply.

    I think coaches have to build a resume for sure and training shows commitment. You require your players be students of the game and then you as a coach are not yourself, then that's an issue for me. At the very least they should have background checks, concussion certs, CPR, etc. Especially if they are in an "elite" organization, but in all levels.

    I think organizations should have coaches up to date on some basics at least and have a resume ready for families, especially if this coach is going to be the face of the players recruitment at some point. The bigger the org and the promises, the better the requirements should be.

    This is not for anything, but this is what I have for myself. Just as an example of a resume I would send out for coaching opportunities or for my families to review:

    Professional Summary

    Versatile Softball Coach who is able to coach competitive Fastpitch softball teams. Adept at utilizing the talents of players creating a strong team environment and emphasizing personal and team growth. Experienced in high level Fastpitch softball, having coached well over 1000 softball games and over 200 players across all age groups and experiences.

    Core Qualifications

    · Experienced in getting the most of the player and team, putting them in the best position to be successful

    · Pride myself in the knowledge of situational softball and critical execution of the mental game

    · Physically fit

    · Able to develop strong relationships with players and their families

    · Strong understanding of the rules of softball

    · Experience in coaching in high level travel and showcase competitions

    · Able to maintain good working relationships with players after they have left the team

    · Ability to merge old and new school approaches and open to new ideas and player/coaching input

    · Familiar with the college recruiting of players and the do’s and don’ts


    Head Softball Coach
    2008 – 2013 (9u-14u)

    Recreational OGSO Garrettsville youth softball

    · Proud to pull several players and families back into local softball, after bad experiences with coaches and league officials.

    · Won District championship at 11u

    · Overall coaching record across age divisions 45-24

    Board member and President of Garrettsville Youth Softball
    2011 – 2013

    · Organize documentation, background checks, concussion certifications, rosters, fees and fundraisers.

    · Assisted in the development of players, coaches, teams for the league

    Travel Softball Coach Ohio/PA Outlaws
    2010-2015, 2017 (10u-15u)

    · Assisted in tryouts, evaluation of talent, practice and warm up routines, coaching fundamentals, recruiting and showcasing players to play in college.

    · Teams played in and won many travel softball tournaments, qualifying for both ASA and PGF national events over several years.

    · Played games all over Ohio, PA, NC, NY, KY

    · Hosted travel tournaments, assisted in organizing and running them.

    · 34-16-1 record in 2017 playing as a true 15u team in mostly 18u tournaments

    Manager/head coach Garrettsville Strong charity team

    · 5-0 Won only tournament we entered to raise money for charity


    Head coach Lady Lookouts Premier showcase team
    2015-2016 (14u)

    · Primary talent evaluator at tryouts, recruiting, showcasing players for college coaches

    · 28-13 Summer record playing in high level showcase and national qualifier events

    · Qualified for both ASA and PGF nationals, playing in PGF nationals in Illinois

    · Majority of this roster going on to play in college

    Manager/head coach organization President USA Patriots WWAST Lady Warriors travel teams (9u-18u teams)

    · These charity teams are on first come first serve, all experience levels, no tryouts or practices. We figure out what we have in early warm-ups and tournament pool play games and set up the lineups accordingly. We play in only regular full travel team competitions.



    · Most recently playing for charity, went 5-1 and 2nd place at 18u tournament July 19-21

    · Fall 2019 record for our 18u summer team 14-4, while recruiting new players

    Assistant softball coach James A Garfield High School

    Training and certifications:

    OHSAA ASA USA Umpire certification

    Volunteer coach educated ASA USA A.C.E. certification and background check

    NFHS Concussion in sports certification

    NFHS Fundamentals of coaching certification

    NFHS First Aid for Coaches certification

    NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training certification

    OHSFSCA Ohio Coaches Clinic
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  12. Look at this resume. I expect my friends and many readers of this post would bring their daughter to you. I expect you’d be a coach in a bigger organization. You have the experience.
    I have nothing against volunteer coaches that are just starting to build a resume. Everyone starts somewhere. Back in my day you only built with experience and that was the best kind of resume. Things aren’t that way anymore. If you have a coach that lacks the resume then shouldn’t they be expected to have strong assistants. Or kept under watch to make sure they can bring in talent and produce a winning recruitable team. Or best option Be required to be an assistant for a couple years. Taking a leap that being recruited is what the bigger orgs are about.
    Why are orgs allowing coaches to coach teams with no experience, constant player turnover, lack of coaches with experience and knowledge, misappropriation of funds, etc, etc
    It’s false advertising. I expect we all would bring our daughter to a top org if offered knowing the coaching was top notch. Isn’t that expected? Isn’t it the orgs responsibility to vet coaches?

    My softball people; We need a form giving out warnings.
    My friends are in a real mess due to lack of an org providing good coaching. Holding a coach accountable for past actions. They have kept a coach in place that freely bad mouths other parents and players, has told a player she shouldn’t expect to pitch because she’s not good enough (after offering her a spot on the team as a shared number one pitching spot with the coaches daughter), removed a player because her parents need “taught a lesson” after they went to the org heads with these issues, etc, etc, etc
    Sadly the last 3 years this coach has been in place it’s been the same mess. If my friends had only known they would never have brought their daughter to this coach. The org comes highly recommended with lots of acclimates and proven athletes placement in college; Why would the coaching be questioned? This all came to light after hearing their stories, I did some digging around. 2018-2019 season this coach had 9 players quit and used player fees to buy an enclosed trailer. $2,500-3,000 purchase without parent or organization approval. Why is this being pushed under the rug?
    If orgs aren’t going to hold their coaches in a higher standard than this, who should make sure they are? We need a form on here. Something needs done. If orgs aren’t holding themselves to a standard of vetting coaches properly than families need a place they can go to find out the good and the bad. My friends want out of this team and situation but are out player fees in the excess of $1200 which does not include $700 in fund raising. They can’t afford to find her another team and pay the fees. It’s a mess and not fair to their dd.
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    It may not be a form but this is a forum. Warn us already.
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    How and why do you join a team that had 9 players quit without doing a little due diligence and asking around a little?
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    You aren't helping shed light on the problem by passive aggressively posting about it... If you want it brought to light, bring it to light! Tell us who you're accusing and give us the full story
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    If he drops a name, then this thread will get canned quicker than a Browns head coach...

    Seriously, I really applaud what Allforthegirls is trying to do. People need to be warned about shady orgs and head coaches. Unfortunately, someone may be about to walk into a bad situation with this org, but not realize it because they aren't being named. Then if that person makes a post on here about their bad experience, the automatic reply to them will be "YOU NEED TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CHOOSING A TEAM!" The homework is here in this thread, but we don't know what the subject is.
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    My 2 Cents: I agree that people need to be warned about shady organizations and/or coaches. However opening it up to a public forum is not a good idea! Putting someones name out here on blast sets a bad precedent. We ALL know or have had "those" parents/players on our team that were bad apples and have an axe to grind!

    But obviously a team with that much turnover in a season is a HUGE red flag. Going back to the original post, bigger orgs that have multiple teams at several age groups need to be extremely diligent in who they have leading their teams. And when situations like these come up, changes have to made as quickly as possible. It doesn't take long for word to spread about shady operations. And for a group to get a bad name because of one bad apple is unfortunate. Unless of course there are bad apples at the top too! Sad that sometimes it's difficult to know until it's too late.
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  18. Your last paragraph says it. And In it lies the biggest concern. Why are the people at the top condoning this behavior. They know of it all. The misappropriation of funds, etc, etc. I’ll spare you all of listing things again.
    That’s my fear. If the heads aren’t protecting the families and the girls, then who’s job is it?

    Editing to add. I can no longer be “those parents”. I know they exist seen them all. However. I no longer have a daughter playing. She’s been done for 4 years. However. I have friends kids playing. I have a goddaughter who plays. I’ve been around thought I’d seen it all.
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    Hell you have a large organization in Ohio that allow convicted felons to coach kids.
    So the fact that they allow other unethical behavior to continue, why does that shock you?

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