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    LOL Exactly!!!

    Honestly, most bigger organizations have become shady. We are talking about KIDS and a GAME and over the past few years some adults have definitely surprised me of what they will do to "get ahead"... very sad. Don't fall for it because those orgs don't care about your kid.
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    I must have missed that memo. What org is that and are those coaches still coaching?
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    This is something that the Org and Coach's name should be stated here without any recourse. It's public record. I have no idea who that may be, and wouldn't want to discover that after I shelled out a couple thousand dollars to that Org. That info should be made available to everyone at every opportunity.
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    If I name them on this thread it will get shut down very quick.
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    Your post is spot on, but with a caveat. Being in a "big" org with bigger fees doesn't guarantee better quality of coaching. The two best coaches my DD has ever had were from smaller, "no name" programs. At the end of the day, most coaches are volunteers and are there because their kid is there. It can be a crap shoot if they are truly good coaches, or even good people. I'm not trying to begrudge volunteer coaches by any means, just stating a fact learned over the years.
  6. I stand corrected. I have not seen it all. What is the felony that the coach was convicted of?
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    Someone posted earlier...Thats why you go to teams with certified coaches...Now that is no guarantee they know the Xs and Os but it does show they invest in the same training they preach to their students and can pass a background check...
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    Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there that can be "shady" in terms of the financial side of our sport, but thankfully the vast majority are not. Be weary of coaches / organizations that make wild promises about schedules, college coach connections, etc. when there isn't a long track record to back up the promises.

    I believe that due diligence in researching the particular coach you are trying out for is vitally important. At the younger age groups, some questions to ponder:
    1. Will this coach help my daughter get better through practice?
    2. Will this coach's coaching style work for my daughter?
    3. Will this team play the appropriate level of competition for my daughter?
    For the older age groups:
    1. Will this coach help my daughter get better through practice? In particular, can this coach help prepare my daughter to play at the next level?
    2. Will this coach's coaching style keep my daughter interested in the sport?
    3. Will this team play in tournaments that will allow my daughter to be seen by college coaches?
    With so many organizations having multiple teams at each age level, you cannot go by org name alone and presume that the coach of the team will be a good coach for your daughter. I routinely see excellent coaches and "less than excellent" coaches in the same organization. So definitely do your homework.
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    I really like you comments. Great advice!!!!
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    I agree. Great observation!!!!
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    I know I am getting old and a little out of it but sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between the ads that now appear in these threads and the actual comments

    Comment above "I stand corrected. I have not seen it all. What is the felony that the coach was convicted of?"

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    The web site has got to make money somehow. I agree it’s getting ridiculous
  14. That was a good laugh
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    HA! No kidding. I have an ad on this thread "Get rid or rodents permanently". How apropos.
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  16. Now I like that.
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    I know who, I know who lol
    Name shall remain anonymous from me anyway.. I will not open that can
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  18. I just saw that the coach Who is the star of this thread is now looking for players. Again.
    If you are looking for an 06 team for your daughter, do your homework. The team must be in danger of folding. The coach is resorting to threats. The families are told that if anyone complains about the coach to the org higher ups they will be removed from the team. No player fees returned. No chance of making another team because their daughter will be forever called a team jumper.
    This is absolute mayhem.
    I ask again. If the orgs aren’t going to hold coaches accountable for their poor actions. Who’s job is it? How would you feel if your daughter ended up playing for this coach when it could have been avoided?
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    The team in question has only two players from two seasons ago and kept only three players from last season. That tells you all you need to know.
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    This is a generalized observation but perhaps the thing to consider is approaching the sanctioning bodies committee on rules and ethics to have them put a rule in their books. Something to the effect that they would ban a chronic problem coach. I'm not versed in law but don't believe there would be any negative legal reason. There would need to be a checks and balances system, probably beginning with the state director and a regional rules and ethics committee to review decisions made.

    I wouldn't know why an organization would continue to allow a coach to remain in their system if they knew the coach was unable to be eligible for any competitive activity. If an individual tried to use an assumed name and was caught I would think this would be grounds for a criminal investigation. Policing this would be difficult but not as hard as you may think. We the people have a right to protect the innocent. Coaches would be required to show their card of having completed the required background checks and training for the sanction as well as a valid driver's license for any event. Every TD should have an updated list of banned coaches, teams, or organizations in their tourney package before each event. If offenders they try using a fake ID, that's criminal. If they enter the dugout, that's fuel for tournament directors to force the team from the tourney, then report this to the state director. Everyone carries a phone with a camera. Simply video the offense and show it to the TD.

    Food for thought...........
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