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  1. You are correct on 3 players from last season. 2 are coaches kids
    No players stayed from any previous season. Only coached in this org for 2 seasons this is her 3rd. 8 new players were added this season and now looking for players Again. 06 parents take this warning and do some investigating before joining a team. A player has been kicked off in retaliation of parents taking issues to the org higher ups. From what I understand the parents were protecting the whole team by bringing problems forward. This was not —my kid don’t play situation. My friends want their dd out. How many are left now
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    LOL, this is not just an issue for this specific 06 team. I can name you two 04 teams with this kind of turnover/toxicity and both are from "Premiere" organizations.
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    I have been around this forum for longer than most, and this has always been a sticking point with me. Some one posts that someone did something , and does this or that , with no colloboration what so ever in sight. If youre going to throw this out there, make sure youre info is correct and call them out. If youre right, youre vindicated and shouldnt expect any repurcussions. dont beat around the bush because its a waste of pixels, except for the opportunity for people to bluster on about it . It does no one any good especially the players answering that teams players needed ad.
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  4. I have only withheld saying who and what because I do not want this thread shut down. People need Warned. Enough has been said that any 06 families won’t find it hard to figure out if they do some homework. Hell I’ve been out of the younger age what seems a decade. I found plenty of information. All bad. I do have nothing but time these days. Point-it’s out there. Hard to understand why the org keeps the coach in place for multiple seasons. Parents need to know there’s a bad one out there and do your homework. Just a good name org doesn’t guarantee a good coach with good ethics. I hope I've gotten that through to my friends. To late though
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    I thought this was going to be good! I'm going to need reimbursed for my popcorn!!!

    If what you're saying has conviction, Just post it!
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  6. 3 seasons coaching. Only 3 of the original remain year after year. Turnover mid season every season. Constant looking for player posts. Any of the families from last season should come on and validate the misappropriation of funds. It ain’t like the coach is hiding the trailer or how it was bought. The parent kicked off should come on to I don’t think any of you advocates for kids can say you agree with that move. Losing record every year is open for anyone in 06 to validate.
  7. Do I have a guarantee this thread stays open after the org and name is posted? Or just the coach name
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    I couldn't guarantee you anything, As I'm not the administrator. But I have belonged to the site for several years and I feel they do a good job being unbiased if you have supporting facts.
  9. I’ve been around for a good many many years. I’ve seen plenty shut down for naming the problem orgs or coaches. Check long balls first sentence in his post on page one
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  10. I have received many private messages where I have not held back naming it all. Just don’t want the thread shut down and the facts removed.
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    I think if you can include supporting FACTS, and not suspicion of, Or in my opinion than there should not be a problem. Of course I'm not on here every day so like I stated I wouldn't Guarantee it.
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    Nothing has been accomplished so far but to let people chime their opinion in on a vague subject, and some one felt the need to post his resume??? If you can back up your posting with facts its been said on here that it would stay.
  13. Everything I’ve stated are fact. I’m to old for games and fabrications. Until past families come on then I don’t know what you’d like me to post as supporting facts
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    I'm confused? It states you are a new member? So did you start a new profile to start this thread?
  15. If you looked at my profile you’ll see that I’ve been a member since June 2018. I have been apart long before this but if you have been around for years you’ll recall everyone had to resign up after the famous OFC crash about 6-7 years ago.

    I’ve wondered often what it takes to get the new dropped. Only because I have so much time for silly thoughts. It makes me wonder why you are trying so hard to discredit me and the facts.
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  17. I have never said in my opinion or suspicion of. I posted facts. No need for my opinion other than there needs to be a place that families go to find the good and the bad. I am firm in that opinion
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    Hey now I was just asking! I get it if you did softball world is small. I can completely understand if you didn't want your an Identity exposed. Although I've engaged in the post I haven't dug through all of the softball zone to see what your credentials are how long you've been a member or who you're talking about! I was just pointing out that it simply said you're a new member. I'm not against you , any more than I'm with you , I'm just curious.
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  19. Understood. Don’t know why new is still there. Maybe we should start a thread to find out. To be clear I have no reason to hide. My friends need out of this mess so that no further of the coaches crap can touch their dd. So I wait
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    I know a few teams similar to this and all are from "premier organizations". There's always drama so everyone jumps ship except the coaches kids or a select few... or the coaches are out to find the "next best thing" instead of keeping the talent and dedicated players that they have in their organization. This results in basically a new team year after year with an average or below average record. And they call themselves "the best of the best"?

    As far as the team or organization you're talking about... I understand not wanting to call anyone out by name in fear of repercussions towards your kid. I get it people are nasty and yes adults take these things out on kids. My kid started playing softball for fun and look what it's turned into to.. sometimes I say she would have been better off if she wasn't any good at it.
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