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  1. I agree with you there. We’ve been out for awhile but there were issues back then. There’s always issues when humans are involved. I don’t remember it being as bad as this. Kids losing the love due to drama coach or parent. When there’s nobody and nothing public holding people accountable why would it stop. If it’s all public I think people might take a second to review there actions. Every parent should have a place to reference the good, the bad, and the gruesome.
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    [sarcasm on] But it is always delusional parent disorder that is causing 100% team turnover (well, except for the coach's kid(s)) every year [sarcasm off]
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    A coach's worth isn't found in their W/L record or on their resume, but in the impact made on the game and in their players' lives...
    I agree this probably is not the right place to throw someones name out there, but I also know a bad coach/bad environment can ruin the love a child has for a sport very quickly. So I can't emphasize the need to do your homework enough!! Talk to people that have been there before, talk to other parents on the team.. And listen to your child as well. If they have not bought into the coach or the organization, it will be hard for them to put in the work. And avoid negative conversations about coaches, other players, and parents around your child if possible. This will only add fuel to the fire. Just like us adults on this board, if you hate your boss, you probably hate going to work and hate doing anything extra. But if you like your boss and your work family, you are more likely to go the extra mile when needed and put in extra work.
    And for the record, I am male and don't own a trailer... :)
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  4. Could you rewrite your first sentence in all bold. Add some color. Let off some fireworks. When you hear of a team that has had season after season of turnover. Whole new teams every year minus the coaches kids. Something has happened to make the families leave. Find out what. Not everyone can have issues of playing time. Takes 9 on a field to play a game. The coach is the problem. Experience knows that kind of coach can make a season miserable. Make you lose the passion. The love
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    This is a 16U Premier org.
    High turnover, coaches' kids getting max exposure, coaches' kids committed and STILL getting max exposure, parents not divulging info for sake of losing spot at the trough (or scraps).
    Are you sure this isn't 16U ?

    Definitely Premier.
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    Yes lol Definitely sounds like a 16U team!
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  7. Lol. I wish. A 16 year old might just tell a coach where to go. Definitely 06. 12 and 13 year olds being put through a whole lot of stuff that could affect them for awhile. Not right
  8. On the bright side for some coaches. Who has an 06 team that’s looking for players. Know a few available. Needs strong, trustworthy, in it for the right reasons, and all that jayflyer98 said type of coaching. Lord refrain me if any of y’all name the team and star coach of this thread. Just Pm me. Not interested in distracting from this thread to post tryout info
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    been there done that
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    And yet another promising thread dies on the vine.
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    What else can be said on this thread, that hasn't already? Unless someone wants to list more things that have happened, or name the team/coach?
  12. I hoped the org would do the right thing. That doesn’t look to happen. I stand my ground on other families need to know so they don’t wind up in a mess
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    Well, they wont know unless theyre told.
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    Do something about it already! This thread is ridiculous and worthless. Take your kids and go play soccer. It's open enrollment in travel softball. If you don't like it - MOVE!
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    The coach and org president are probably reading this thread, laughing and passing judgement, and not even realizing that it is about them. :rolleyes:
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    Or trying to sell a trailer quickly...
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    Run26, this thread isn’t ridiculous. My daughter spent 11 very long months apart of Ohio Stingrays 06 and it was worse than what the op has said. My family appreciates what the op is trying to accomplish here. Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be on the op or myself to warn families. The Ohio Stingrays should have removed the coach, Joanna Talbott at the end of last season.

    I have only spent time on the softball zone as a guest looking at tryout information and tournament information. My use of this form has strictly been for that purpose and nothing more. I officially “joined” a few weeks ago when I was alerted to this thread. I felt that I should comment with our experiences, but have refrained till now. I do not want this thread dismissed the subject is to important. Our family had high hopes that Ohio Stingrays would remove this coach. It’s shocking to us that Miss Talbott is still allowed to hold a coaching position. The amount of complaints that the organization has received warrants Miss Talbott’s removal if stealing our money doesn’t justify her removal. Yes, I am proud owner or at least part owner along with 10 other families, of a very nice trailer. I do not know why this wasn’t a huge red flag to the organization. However, nothing was done and she remains coaching.

    I am aware that things are bad again for the families that joined for the 2019-2020 season. I agree that this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It is every organizations responsibility to make sure that they have coaches and staff in place that represent the organizations and families to the best of their abilities. This responsibility is no different than running a background check to keep convicted felons or pedophiles out of our dugouts. Everyone knows that sometimes the true stripes of people aren’t exposed till later, but when the Ohio Stingrays President Mike Marcum and incoming President Chris Back, receives multiple emails from just our seasons parents alone (2018-2019) and nothing is done, that is a problem. In my opinion, they have now allowed a coach to stay in a position to further hurt other young girls.

    The wrong doings and complaints do not just involve our season of families alone. Mr. Marcum and Mr. Back received plenty of emails about problems her very first season coaching. If things had been properly handled, my family would have never been in the position we were in last season. We could have quit at the end of the fall when we started seeing red flags. However, Miss Talbott made clear that we would lose all of our money paid in and we are not in a financial situation to be able to walk away from that money and have some left to find another team. The team fees, which was a 12U team last season, were 1100 along with 3 fundraisers that we were expected to participate in or pay for.
    Our daughter loves the game and just wanted to play. That was a huge mistake on our end for allowing her to stay in the situation because of money. Our daughter was a shell of herself by the end of summer. Miss Talbott is not a yeller or screamer, so it’s very hard to see what’s happening on the outside. However, when they receive the number of complaints received, including the head of another prominent organization calling Mr. Back to complain about her conduct at one of his tournaments, what else can be done?

    Our family was and still is extremely disappointed in this organization. We realize fully that people are good at hiding their true selves and did not hold any ill will towards the organization at first. I feel it was fair to say they didn’t know who she truly was and did not purposely put her in a coaching position allowing for her to do what she did. However, our disappointment is in Mr Marcum and Mr. Back continuing to keep her as a coach heading into the 2019-2020 season. At that point, the Ohio Stingrays made a conscious decision to stand by a woman that caused so much heartache for so many families and young girls and have allowed her to continue doing it. A total of 19 families have been affected by Miss Talbott, the organization is fully aware, and chose to do nothing. I only have my facts on the 2017-2018 season from parents that were apart of that team and have shared with myself or my wife, not personal experience. Our season, 2018-2019, I share the facts, our personal experience, as we lived them. I believe the op is apart of this current season 2019-2020. Therefore I think it’s fair to say that we are sharing facts. Not rumor. Not speculation.

    I know the fear in coming forward publicly, for many of the 19 families affected, is the repercussions against them and their new team. We were all told in not so many words, if we ever talked bad about Miss Talbott or the organization, we would be black balled from any good team and from ever playing in the Ohio Stingrays tournaments. Miss Talbott assured all of us that she alone has the power and say on who gets into the 06 age group and on who doesn’t.

    A gentleman, who holds a position in another organization, was talking to us regarding this whole situation and said it best... “The only way for the Ohio Stingrays to save face and show they do not stand behind the actions of Miss Talbott is to remove her. I am sure a public apology to those 19 girls is to much to expect, but she needs removed from any contact and any coaching in any capacity of kids. There was already the scandal a few years ago with their 02 team where a coach was removed. It seems to me that they should start doing a better job of vetting their staff. ”

    We agree.

    *edited to add names. Miss Talbott is looking for players and we don’t want anyone else affected.
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    All that and still no mention of the Organization. If its REALLY as bad as this, i would be falling over myself telling EVERYONE.
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    There. I am in agreement with the op, I believe this thread will now be shut down. If it is, it’s a shame. It’ll only hurt families and girls who end up on that team. They will think “Wow, I’m a Stingray” when in actuality they aren’t getting anything they thought they were by being in this organization. More than likely what they will get is a daughter who falls out of love with the game by the end of the season. Or one that has no confidence at all and plays out of fear of making a mistake.
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