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    I wish the 99th post would of replaced the 1st beat around the bush post....

    A lot has changed in month or so....
    an as before.... 1. I am not saying a change is not warranted 2. Never a fan of the Coach in question (because of research when there was little to go on) 3. and I support the Ohio Stingray organization

    but to loop me into a coach who degrades "little" girls, threats and misappropriation of funds is quite disheartening, because if you know me at all, even though quite loud and push them mightily out on the field, I love the girls to death. I am hoping that we aren't just piling on the accusations (degrading) and making it now look worse than it just being drama filled and having a bad unorganized coach. I REALLY hope that you have just learned of the degrading from your research from the time you posted initially, because I would imagine that would be in the forefront of your initial argument rather than win/losses, drama teams, high turnover and leading with a misappropriation of funds.

    If there is a coach stepping over the line of emotionally abusing the girls, misappropriation of funds outside of the game, threats to someones well-being, then a change is obviously warranted. If it is drama filled teams, high turnover, losing record, then a mentor coach/management can step in and help the newbie coach and/or removed them.

    And the threat of being black-balled, team jumping argument.... there is plenty of softball in the state of Ohio to think a coach of two years has that much power is ridiculous and gullible.
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    Here’s the issue I see with most parents and sorry but you are probably one of the guilty ones...

    You get so caught up in Status and popularity that you forget about what’s important anyways. You probably forgot to do your research on the team because you was just so excited that a premier organization like the Stingrays offered your daughter a spot. Point blank who cares what the coach spent the money on as long as the season is paid for and said items are being used for the team.

    Parents need to be freaking Parents and STOP trying to tell an organization and or team how to run things.

    Parents get so wrapped up in chasing damn trophies and that’s not what it should be about! Don’t get me wrong I hate to lose but it’s not only about wins and losses anymore. Parents think their daughter and said team should get a silly trophy every freakin weekend. It just doesn’t happen that way.

    be thankful your daughter made the team and be thankful someone is volunteering to coach your daughter and the team. If you don’t like the coach I guess you should of done your research before joining.

    The only thing you are teaching your daughter right now is that it’s ok for her to quit and go somewhere else. You are teaching her the wrong thing but I can’t tell you how to parent. You do what you want.

    you are probably one of those parents that bashes the coaches and teammates in front of your daughter on the ride home from a long weekend at the fields. But by God if her team won every weekend you wouldn’t be bitching at all.

    Bottom line is you want to bitch about stuff just because your little Susie probably doesn’t start or play where you feel she should play and the team is probably not winning tournaments so your not getting trophies. Boo who.... tell ya what I will donate a bunch of trophies you can give to your daughter every weekend and that might make you feel good. Smh.

    Stop bashing coaches and stop taking the love for the game away from your daughter. You are going to create a monster that teammates will dislike and coaches won’t want to pick up.

    again who cares what the money was spent on as long as it’s for the team and the season is paid for.

    You sit back and cheer the team on. Don’t bash the coach or team on car rides home. Biggest mistake parents make. And if you say you don’t do that I call Bullshit!

    Good Luck this season and hopefully your daughter gets on a team YOU like. Smh.

    Let your daughter make the decision of what team she likes or dislikes. Smh.
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    So you're OK with this team going out and fundraising so the coach can then take that money and buy a utility trailer for personal use? Assuming that part of the story is true, of course...
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    Hell No!!

    Nothing I can see anywhere in this thread said the coach used it for personal use. If that’s the case then said coach needs to burn.

    All I am saying is there’s always 2 sides to every story and Parents always blow shit out of portion. Parents need to be parents and that’s it. Encourage their kid and team. Always stay positive in front of the Athletes including your own. To many parents want to bash coaches and other players on car rides home or wherever. I have witnessed these bashing’s first hand at the lower age groups. Nationals trips always that one parent to stir the pot.

    But back to the trailer... If said coach isn’t using the trailer 3rd week of July I would like to request to borrow it to haul my teams gear down South. Lol
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