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    Check out this link on the state of our education system.

    Some good things to see where your 9th grader and up stands in the education population...
    Basic science:
    When does water boil?
    What happens when water boils?
    When does water freeze?
    What happens when water freezes?
    How can you measure specific gravity?
    How is air measured? What is opposite of pressure?
    What is OHMS and Pascals law? Do they know how to calculate to find voltage, resistance or current, Force/pressure?

    Basic math:
    9/16 +3/8=
    What is the decimal equivalent of 1/2"?
    Can they measure fluids? How many quarts in a gallon? How many ounces in a cup? How many ounces in a pint?
    Can the student use a tape measure or ruler at a 16th inch scale? (problems and answers here)...

    Basic reading/writing and speaking:
    Get a local news paper and see if they can read an article? Do they understand what they just read?
    Can they define the following terms or common terms used in your place of employment?

    See the quality of writing. Can they write a 5 sentence to one page passage on the evolution of girls fastpitch softball?

    A lot of parents are shocked that their son/daughter struggles with these 9th grade problems and activities.
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