Help! Drills for Hitting Slowww Pitching !

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  1. jt7663

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    Are there any drills to help hitters versus a slower 10 or more mph than what they normally face. Not referring to off speed or Change Up just a consistently slower speed than what they normally face. Would appreciate any help that would allow us to regain our voices after a weekend of Hollerin' (Wait on it - Let it get there)
  2. CARDS

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    The result of the AB are important and can make a difference in correction approach. Were the ladies making good contact pulling everything? or, popping up/and dribblers out in front of the plate? Worst case striking out...

    The key is to not change anything mechanically if they have a sound swing. I am guessing this is 12 and under? Make sure they are not changing their set up point they are comfortable with and they are doing their pre at bat on deck routine.
    Never slow bat swing speed (that younger ones tend to do).

    If the pitcher is consistently slow it should be easier for the ladies to time their trigger point from release point.

    As far as drills you can set up two machines with different speeds, other cage drills are the Barry bonds drill where the hitter starts at the far rear and moves up each pitch then back. You can change front toss speeds, and when doing soft toss occasionally lift the ball higher causing the hitter to wait for the drop. Watch the ladies hands in drills that can tell a lot on where the adjustments can/need to be made.
  3. jt7663

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    The Girls were having Long AB's Pulling everything Foul It was just a Battle internally to get them to wait & Let it get Deeper. We had them as far to the Front of the Box as possible!
  4. jayflyer98

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    If a player/team is use to seeing good pitching, this will be a challenge for any age level. Biggest thing is for them to trust their hands. They might have to swing much later after their lead foot plants. The best drill I know is actually using tennis balls during batting practice. With the tennis balls, pitch them so cross the plate after one bounce. You can bounce them at different speeds and in and off the plate. Have the girls hit them no matter where they are pitched. Even if they have to move their feet and entire bodies to get to the pitch to hit it. This teaches them to really focus on tracking the ball and being athletic. This is a good drill for any ball player. I always preach, when you are in the batters box, swing hard, make adjustments to win the battle. In the box is not the time to worry about your mechanics.
  5. Hitting is timing. Pitching is about interrupting a batter's timing. Nothing should change for a hitter. Hit the ball where it is pitched. Inside is pulled. Outside to opposite field. Down the middle is up the middle/gaps. The stride foot should land when the ball is roughly halfway to home plate. Maybe a little sooner for faster; a little later for slower pitching -- TIMING.
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    That is not why you move a batter to the front of the box. The reason you move a batter up in the box is against a good breaking ball pitcher. You want to cut down on the amount of movement the pitch has. Instead of 7 inch break you work with a 3-4" break etc...

    Where did this move to the front of the box for slower pitchers come from?
  7. jt7663

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    The pitches were consistently dropping significantly at the plate. The slow velocity of the pitches combined with Blue having a Low Strike convinced us to move the Girls to the Front of the Box.
  8. DanMaz

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    i would bunt every batter and drive the defense crazy, if its that slow
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  9. jt7663

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    It was & that is what we ended up with Bunt Practice. Was just Hoping to Fix the Hitting Problem for next time we faced this scenario.

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