High School Umpires need more pay

Discussion in 'High School Softball' started by CARDS, Jul 21, 2021 at 10:39 PM.

  1. CARDS

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    This is one painful varsity high school game to watch....68 runs...almost 4 ours long...

  2. Rerun

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    Wow, that would be painful to be a fan at that game.
    I was thinking I was watching a slow pitch game the way the girls were pitching.
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  3. CARDS

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    I would say in Greater Cincinnati area that is the play you see out of about 30% of the varsity high school programs. Pretty much the same in the other areas of the state as well especially the inner city programs.

    A lot of people look at the GMC, ECC, GGCL, GWOC and think that is what the level of play is all over but honestly they only make up a handful of the teams in the area and even these conferences' have some weak programs.

    In 2013 Colerain played West High from the CMAC in the first game of the OHSAA DI tournament. It was a cold drizzly day.
    West High stayed on the bus until the umpires told them it was time to play. They got off the bus (all 9 of them) with razorback tops and shorts, blankets etc.

    When they took the field the pitcher had no wind up just a slow pitch from the hip with an arch. The umpire asked her if she could deliver a pitch properly and her response was I am...
    The Colerain starters played the first inning with the exception of the pitcher/catcher. The JV and Freshmen we brought up for the playoffs finished it.
    It was ugly but not really a walk fest. The pitching was like hitting soft toss. I was up in the press box and was afraid one of the west high players may get hurt. No game face, mouth piece, no BA as they were dodging bullets for 4 innings when everyone agreed to call it. The Colerain concession guys did load them up with hot dogs and hot chocolate for the bus ride home...
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    that is rough. BUT you know what.... They are having fun and playing. that's what matters. There's levels to this game for sure.

    Bless those umpires!! You are right, they need paid more!
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