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    In USSSA, does a batter have to make an "attempt" to move out of the way of a pitch? 2018 Rule book says yes. Played in a USSSA tournament this weekend. Our pitcher hit her own leg with the ball during the delivery, the ball slowly rolled on the ground all the way in, the batter didn't move an inch to try and move and it rolled up against her foot. She was awarded first base. Umpire said she doesn't have to make an attempt to move. We've played in other tournaments where the Umps say they do, but I can't swear it was an USSSA tournament when we were told that. So what is the rule?
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    I don't officiate USSSA. So I'm looking at the rule book on their website.

    Their rule book doesn't specifically say that the batter must, or must not, make an attempt to avoid the pitch. It does say that the batter can't intentionally move to get hit by the pitch.

    On their website, there is another document for common rule interpretations. In that document, it says that a batter does NOT need to make an effort to avoid the ball.

    It seems that you have, at the least, ambiguous information. Or, you can say that the USSSA rule doesn't completely align with any other known softball rule set (NCAA, high school/NFHS, USA/ASA, etc, etc.).

    I will defer a final answer to any registered and trained USSSA umpire!
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    I am the Central/Southern State UIC for USSSA Ohio . Just like High School if the pitched ball is completely in the batters box the batter does not have to move out of the way . Like you mentioned they cannot move into a pitch .
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    Does it actually say that anywhere in their rule book or case book? If that's the rule, it doesn't seem to be very well documented.
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    In the rule book, no. But if you look at our officials website (usssa.com/officials) and look under the Fastpitch Tab, right under the rule book link is another link "Additional Rules Info" and that will take you to a page with one of the options being Interpretations of the Rules.

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    Yes, I saw the rule interpretation page and referenced it in my first post. It doesn't say anything about the ball being entirely inside the batter's box for the batter to not avoid it.

    The interpretation does say that a batter can't move to be hit by the ball. The high school rule says that a batter can't obviously try to be hit. A subtle difference in wording that would lead me to NOT award the base on this play in a high school game.

    So...the rule isn't in the rule book and in the rule interpretation isn't exactly like the high school rule.

    Confusing! o_O
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